LRoderick: Evolve Content Thread


I’m finding it unnecessarily difficult to post content that i’ve made for the Evolve communitty, so i just made a threat to simplify the process.

#2 My link to my Youtube channel, i will be uploading a TON of Evolve footage if i start to get more traffic.

#3 The link to my Twitch channel: i mainly stream Evolve.

#4 My Facebook page, i usually just post my states and update people on when i’m streaming.

#5 My tiwitter, i use it the same way i use my facebook page.


You can put everything into one post you know.
It’s much easier to read and you won’t hit the post limit that basic users have as quick.

You can also use the dedicated streaming and footage threads as it’s much tider and more people is subscribed(watching as it’s called on this forum) to them, so they get notisfied when someone posts in them.


Thank you, i’ll keep that in mind! :smiley:

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Yo Roderick! We have a thread where you can post twitch streams and youtube vids, which can be found here :3


Thank you, last time i tried. the thread was archived. it was discouraging to say the least. Thanks again for the help. i’m slowly, but surly getting use to forums. :smiley:


No problem, welcome :3


Thank you for the thought, but we do have separate threads for different forms of content-



Thanks for uploading the content and if ever you do need help with forum-related matters, feel free to private message me or my peers. :slight_smile:

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