Lowest And Highest Hunter


Who is the least played Hunter and who is the most played Hunter?


Torvald is love. Torvald is life.


But he has no…nevermind


Seems like Val is the most popular medic, and Caira the least

Hank/Sunny popular, Bucket least

Not sure about trapper, I see a lot of Maggie/WL Maggie players though, seeing less of Jack/Griffin

Again not sure about Assault, most popular probably Hyde/Torvald/Parnell, Markov the least? Seeing fewer Lennox too


wraith and kraken are definitely most picked


Most: WLM OR jack, Val, Hank or Sunny, Hyde (though I’ve been seeing a lot of Parnells recently)
Least: Griffin or Crow, Caira, Cabot, Blitz Markov,


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Val the highest / Caira the least

Hank the highest / Tech Hank the least

WLM the highest / Griffin the least

Markov is the highest / Lennox is the least


Can I ask you about the reason for Torvalds love ?


Nah. I’ve seen multiple games with Tech Hank the other day. The one character I see the least is without a doubt Kala. Which is quite weird, since she’s very viable as long as a team either knows how to dodge, or if a team has a good medic (EMET, Caira or Laz).

Out of the medics I barely ever see any Caira. Out of all the trappers I find that Griffin and Crow barely get any airtime. Out of all the assaults, I think Markov and Lennox are used the least; which is weird since everyone used to claim Markov is/was the most consistent assault.


In pubs . He is playable . In ranked I never saw him pop out honestly


True, but I’m looking for Hunter

And does anyone know, wait is it @MacMan who would know?


hank sunny val waggie and hyde


forgot lazarass

  • Val > Caira
  • Caira beng picked least probably due to difficulty to play her effectively.
  • I would imagine Bucket, but from my games Hank > Kala
  • Kala is a very risky and polarizing character playwise. She’s like a Laz without any redeeming qualities to counter that.
  • Wasteland Maggie (because masterrace) > Crow
  • Crow simply because his CC is harder to land and is projectile base.
  • Hyde (also because masterrace) > Markov
  • Markov because he’s basically a nerfed Blitz Markov, if Morkov had more range than Blitz but Blitz if had a better angle of lock on then it may be a different story.


I think we can ask @LordDeath for that kind of stuff now. Chris is probably busy with other stuff right now. :3


I don’t believe Wraith is. Haven’t played against a Wraith for ages!


Currently I would say Maggie is least because of her so much better Variation and most really depends on the class but I see a lot of Parnell these days. (Although I would say Waggie is the most currently)


For trapper I see 75% mad Maggie. With Hank/Cabot running for supports. Now for medics I see a lot of Val and slim. For assault I do see Parnell a ton along with Hyde. Now for least I would say emet,kala, Abe and torvald.


I just now… Understood what you meant…