Low Player Numbers


Hi guys im an avid Evolve player and just love this game so much its given me over 400 hours of game play and made so many new friends though steam . we all play together everyday practicing and pushing our skills .
Ive noticed the very low number of players over the past couple weeks and when checking the official numbers it seams that the daily players have fallen off a cliff , i cant see how this game can survive with less that 1500 daily players on steam , today friends where waiting around for ages trying to get a game and they just gave up !!!

I love this game but i cant see it lasting any longer than 3 more months until no one is playing !! What is being done about this ???

Here is an Idea, Steam summer sale , make the game FREE without the new hunters , the new monster or the new maps , just the base game like at release !

Then do a complete Ultimate DLC pack at 30% off you will have 1000’s & 1000’s of new players filling up the servers and trying the game out , if they love it they can get the DLC …

If something DRASTIC isn’t done this game will die very soon


Love the game , Thank you Turtle Rock for so many hours of fun and all the new friends i made though this game


Sigh. <Bbbbbbbbb


Yeah i have the same issue with the game, more people playing would be nice, I’ve considered getting a next-gen console.


I’m all for a sale bringing in new players but free? After only two months? That’s way too drastic. I understand your want of new and more players but free this early is not an answer. Nobody likes working for free.


Well so far they have worked for 5 years to have a game that has flopped in the number of players and sales , FREE is good i would rather have 1,000,000 people playing for free and buying skin packs than 1500 playing each day not buying anything. Neverwinter was FREE , Warface was FREE , Ghost Recon was FREE , loads of great games are free , they make the money from DLC Team Fortress is FREE.

data isnt good , Again i love and support this game 150% and just want the best for it .


While free would be great for getting more players it’s not really all that feasible. They need to make money for things like continued content, server upkeep, and simply paying bills. Maybe something like a 60-70% off weekend sale or something would work.


The only reason this game has a population problem, the ONLY reason, is because of 2K’s retarded fucking business model. As much as I love the game, the content it offers does not justify a £40 price tag, less still when it has a cash shop full of over-priced DLC. If the game was free to play, or perhaps around the £10 area, I could understand it then, but as it stands now the price tag is ridiculous.

A steam sale is all it would take to give the player base a much meeded boost.
Turtlerock have a good game on their hands. But is it £40 worth of good? No.
By setting it’s price tag so high it puts itself in direct competition with juggernauts like GTAV.
2K’s marketing department totally fumbled what should have been a slam dunk.


There are lots of people wich had alreaddy purchased this game but dont want to play it anymore. the first reason was that People got overhiped at the first days and got too many bugs (and we had to wait for the fixes for a long time). Some guys gave evolve a second chance, cause they heared about the Wraith nerf and new content incoming. But o wow, they didnt got the content and to pay again money is something you dont want to do at this situation. That it was a DLC, the Behemoth bug and an unbalanced Torvald and Sunny didnt made it better. All those people wanted a game that is allready finished. No bugs, more content (Tear 4 hunters and monster for free) and allready balanced, cause it was the first AAA title of the jear. It`s not needed to sell this game anymore. Evolve needs to nearly finish balancing and than a release of something that costs nothing, a new gomemode maby, that gives them a reason to keep playing it. If they begin to play a balanced Evolve with no bugs and need all there skill to kill this freaking endboss-player-monster or to snack those hunters, than they are as exited as I am and Evolves playerbace will increase.


This is my absolute favorite game. I don’t think I paid too much for it. With the amount of time and effort I’ve put into this game, I’ve more than received my 60 bucks worth.

I buy dlc because I choose to, not because I have to. The new maps, hunters, and monster have kept it fresh for me and made me sink even more time into it. I will be here playing it solo if I have to in the end. This game and this universe is too intriguing for me to just walk away because of a few bugs.

These guys are doing their best to give you a quality game. It’s gotten to the point that they nerf everything and anything that you all cry about. So to give negative feedback on something that can and will be fixed is just insane.

If you truly want the game to grow and evolve. And you want the community to get larger, try positive word of mouth. I know have sold this game to many friends and they’ve been playing non stop since they purchased it as well.

This is my go to title when I have down time.


Shop, full of overcashed DLC, i mean, hunters and monsters are one thing, BUT WHY DO PEOPLE THINK YOU HAVE TO ALWAYS BUY THE DAMNED SKINS >_>



Another thread about this?

You would think after last 500, they would think we would understand the message.


Your right. They are trying there best to change it and I really enjoy that game. I just wan`t to say that Evolve had a huge playerbace, but there first impression was not what they expected.


it would rly help if they had a trial version till lvl 10 (and beeing able to play with ppl who own the game) or something like a free weekend (like origin sometimes does)


Huh… lvl 10 is hardly anything the game has to offer, only in the 40s will you see good players, and the ‘‘nothing is op’’ thing.


its better then nothing.
i know so many ppl who would like to try the game but they are not sure if its theire style or not.

and those ppl would atleast get a taste.

and thats why i wrote that they should be able to play with ppl who own the game so they are not stucked with running simulator


Then what about solo mode ?


Still it would be nice to hear from 2K or TRS about that issue…
It’s no taboo or shame to talk about it in/to/with the community…
You have the developpers and publishers on one side, the players that gave up on the game on the other side… and in between there is us! The players! Wondering how long and how good we will play our beloved game…
I hate doing this but still I want to tag you on that one @Slabomeat!


Wow, those graphs are really depressing. That and it not having enough players to show up on the Steam stats.


There isn’t a message to anyone here but the marketing department.

They want the game to be free. They’ll rile up the community thinking it’ll get them the game for free.


PC has lowest playerbase
majority of players are on consoles
steam is only like 30% of the playerbase