Low lvl player and high lvl player


If 3 of us are lvl 10 ,9 ,8 and then a player with no lvl joyn’s (just started playing) why can it fin a monster , is it because he needs get his rank ?


Hi there, is this in Quickplay mode or Hunt (ranked) mode?

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English seems to not be your first language. Do you think you could elaborate more? If you’re talking about ranked, that’s separate from searching as a hunter, as each has it’s own respective search queue.


My guess is that you’re saying “if a lvl 0 (a.k.a literally just started playing, might be referring to a ‘determining rank’) joins the lobby are we prohibited from finding a monster to fight, since that player hasn’t got a rank yet?”.

This sounds like a matchmaking problem to me…you probably can’t seem to find a game and are wondering if it’s because of a new player. Unfortunately Evolve’s matchmaking isn’t great. Because the game has a fairly low player base, it will take some time to find a game.

However ‘QuickPlay’ generally takes the least time to find a game compared to ‘Hunt’ or ‘Evacuation’ so play that if your consistently struggling to get games.




Hee hee 10, 9 and 8 are “high level”.

Sorry nothing helpful to add. I’ll just see myself out.


(HUNT) We were 4 players with lvl’s close to one and other , yes I know it takes time to find monsters because there are few , but at one point one eventually joined ,after one of us left I invited my friend a lvl 0 player and there was never a monster that joined , and I tought it was because of him , that first he needed to play those matches with other ‘‘0’’ lvl players so he can get his rank , tnx for clearing that up for me ,I have a nother question if you cand help with .Can 4 of my friend’s invite me to there loby to be the monster ?


if on quickplay , change steam download region to USA newyork you will find matches fast


There are not enough players in queue so sometimes level 40 can grouped with lvl 1. I had several fights with total mix levels in quickmatch. In ranked hunt there are always mixed levels.


If there are 5 of you in total, go into custom games. That way all of you can play in the same match (I.e. 1 is the monster, the others are the hunters).


Yes, if you have four other friends then you can all be in a match together and take turns on who is playing as what and it helps to save time because you don’t need to find people in Matchmaking.


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