Low FPS Rate


I’ve recently just gotten Evolve Stage 2, and I am experiencing an incredibly low frame rate. I set all my graphics to the lowest options possible, and it only gained around 7 frames extra. I have a high power laptop, so I don’t understand the problem. If anyone could get back to me ASAP that would be great.


We need to know the exact specifications of your laptop.

Whats your CPU, video card, and the amount of RAM?


That’s some of it, laptops aren’t great for running games.
What’s your DxDiag?


There is a shader issue ongoing that the Devs are working on, it might be that


Please also verify that your laptop is not trying to use integrated graphics for Evolve. Sometimes you need to explicitly call for the high performance graphics card.


Here are my system specs.


Do you know what your graphics card is too?


Intel® HD Graphics 5500


Unfortunately that’s an integrated GPU, and integrated GPUs are gonna struggle with a game that’s as demanding as Evolve is. You can try lowering the resolution a little in-game and see if that helps.


Already did that, in case you over looked my problem. I guess I’ll just play it on the new PC I’m getting.


Probably best :wink: