Loving the Kraken


So I was thoroughly enjoying the wraith but I did a few private matches with friends and custom matches. I can’t believe I didn’t like mini-Cthulhu from the beginning. That monster is insanely fun. Though the wraith might hunt me down for cheating on her, I think mini-Cthulhu will protect me from her!


Me too!! Put increase damage output by 15% and watch that crazy lighting strike damage.


I use decrease cool down speed And I try to find that 50 or 100% cool down buff. Quicker blasts puts more strain on the healer.


And don’t forget vortex. At S1, the vortex is your friend.


Unlike the other monsters I find I enjoy all 4 of the Kraken’s abilities.


This is my play style exactly. With the cool down buff it gets ridiculous throwing l2 vortex at stage one every few seconds. I love Davey Jones.


The righteousness when you land them lightning strikes. Yeah!!! I also dig banshee mines. Nothing like dropping 5 bombs on them after disrupting with vortex. When they work on avoiding the mines they get THE THUNDER!!!