Loving SlabOMeat's Dedication


@SlabOMeat is one of the two bosses at TRS. If it weren’t for him and Chris deciding to step up as the business owners, we wouldn’t have the TRS that you do today and Evolve probably wouldn’t exist.

Being a business owner isn’t easy so shout-out to a great guy who took a risk :smile:

If you haven’t seen this video yet it’s a pretty good watch:


Watched that vid a week or so ago and I’m impressed by their dedication. Keep up the great work Phil and team!


Well, there are many people on the forums that are still here after a long time. ^.^
Obviously people like their work. ^.-


Too true we love the dedication fellas :wink:


Never knew Gobi was real! And a dragon!


Mhmm, pictures of him in the pet thread I believe.


probably, but that thing is so big I do not have time to comb through that whole thing, even though it is an adorable thread. After I went though the Evolve Moments told by Gif thread, I swore not to bother with threads over 1k unless I started it early and kept up as it grew.


Like the second comment on the thread.


Lol! Ha, then I have seen it, because I did go through a lot of that. But it must have been well before t4 was released then and I never put it together. Nor did I think he was a TRS Mascot located at the office, not at home.

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@SlabOMeat @Macman your game has stolen a few hundred hours of my life (and likely a few hundred more). I HOPE YOU’RE PROUD OF YOURSELVES! D:{ Because you should be! It’s one HELLUVA game!

I remember seeing this video suggestion just pop up on youtube where someone was playing Evolve beta(?) and doing Evac mode. I fell in love with it. It was the most amazing thing I’d see in a while, and after watching a few games, and hearing it was on PS4 and up to pre-order, I preordered it without a second thought. Months on, and I don’t regret it. Any game that can give me ~300 hours of entertainment is money well spent (~20p/hour??).

Here’s to hoping TRS success in the future! I sure as hell will be looking out for more :smile:

Also, I’m loving the string of dedication threads. Keep them up! Shine that spotlight down on these marvelous people :smiley:

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