Loving MacMan's Dedication

@MacMan is one of two bosses at TRS, meaning he has a lot of things on his plate, but he still manages to come here on the forums and give us telemetry and show us things from the development of evolve and a ton of other things :smile:

He even helped me with research for school once for my business class in which I asked him about TRS and the whole scheme of why he decided to become a partner with Phil and take on the challenge of owning a business. I learned just how much he loves everyone at TRS and that he treats them like he would want to be treated.

Shoutout to a great guy and a great boss :+1:


He is one hell of a great guy, we all defiantly agree!

Macman and the staff of TRS keep up the awesome work. Thank you for what you do!


Keep up the great work MacMan A.K.A. MacDaddy


Posting this here in case MacMan sees it and needs some motivations for whatevas.


If you are allowed to, you should share this “interview”. I would love to read about this.

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I’m not sure I can share messages. I could copy and paste it though if granted permission. I don’t see a reason why he wouldn’t be ok with me sharing it but still gotta ask.

This is the interview I mentioned in the original post as requested by @ShinigamiB

The quote box is me and the rest is the responses from @MacMan

Did you ever work for someone else? If so, why did you stop?

Yes. I’ve been working in games for 18 years. 12 of those years were spent working for other people. The first Turtle Rock Studios was owned by someone else. That studio was closed so I didn’t have much choice in the matter. :smile: smile

Why did you want to go into business for yourself?

I never wanted to own a business. It came out of necessity. I worked at six different studios in twelve years. Turtle Rock Studios was the best experience by far so when it closed down, Phil Robb and I had two choices; reboot Turtle Rock Studios and run it ourselves, or go work somewhere else. We wanted to work at TRS bad enough that we were willing to take on the extra risks and go into business together.

What expectations did you have when you started the business?

The #1 priority was making sure TRS was a great place to work. That probably sounds too simple, but that was the whole point of saving the studio. We loved the casual atmosphere and the lack of a strict hierarchy. We loved the games that we worked on and the people that we worked with. Those things seemed the most important. We believe that everything else; a good product, financial success, etc. is a side effect of doing something you love in an environment that you love.

Which of these expectations were fulfilled?

We are always trying to improve but for the most part, I think we succeeded. Now we have a team of 100 people all striving for the same goals so it’s not something that Phil and I need to do alone anymore. We have a lot of help.

Which of your expectations were not fulfilled?

Personally I wanted to make everyone at TRS wealthy. :smile: We pay competitively but everyone here is so valuable, their efforts mean so much that I wish we could spoil the hell out of them. Maybe one day, but it hasn’t happened so far.

What advice do you have for an entrepreneur thinking of starting a new business today?

Depends on what your goals are. If your goal as an entrepreneur is making lots of money, or if your motivation is being the “boss”, I’ve got nothing for you. I don’t know how to do those things very well.

We have managed to keep the doors open and the lights on though, the studio is still growing and we have an environment where people are happy and have shipped a successful product. If you want to know how to do that, I can tell you to always think about things from the employee’s perspective. I have a desk out in the open with everyone else. I have a list of milestone deliverables just like everyone else. I try to follow any rules set up for anyone else. I don’t ever want to loose touch with the team and I want to earn their trust and respect. I don’t want anything to be given to me because I’m “the boss”.

Speaking of team, the only time I use “I” is when I am talking about my personal experience or my personal opinion. Other than that, it’s “we” because there is a team of amazingly talented people here all of whom deserve credit for anything TRS does.

And as far as talent goes, Phil and I are only smart enough to know what we don’t know. So we hire people who are smarter than us, more talented than us. People who DO know. We rely on their expertise day in and day out and it helps guarantee that when I wake up on Monday morning, I still want to come to work. :wink:


Thank you @LosSalvatierras and @MacMan both. I really enjoyed reading this! Based on his posts in this forum, MacMan really comes off as a goodhearted and caring person, and these quotes basically are proof that he really is that type of person. I have bitched and moaned about this game just as much as the next guy, but at the end of the day I truly believe they are all good ppl deserving of good fortune over at TRS. I sincerely wish you all the best!!

Aaannnddd this is the reason why I never pursued a career in game development, as tempting as it was. Too much instability and little job security.


Stability can be rough, but now I’ve been at Turtle Rock for a total of 13 years. Seven years as an employee, and the last six as an owner. I have found my home. :smiley:


Glad to hear it. I can absolutely not wait to see what the future holds for TRS, as well as yourself :smile:

It really means a lot to me that you and Phil, and QA or Data, even Matthew have all been here being a part of the community. To actually speak to the people involved in this work has been nothing less than exceptional, and for it I and many others have so much accumulated thanks it is hazardous.

Cheers, TRS, cheers, Chris!


right there with you bud.

took a class, intro to gaming. took a coding class and said nope this is not for me. I make awesome games? sure, I learned code? nah the book does it for me but the point was i didnt want to jump company to company not knowing where id land next.

Totally, Los. From my conversations with TRS folks at Proving Grounds, I can attest that they all have a deep love for and dedication to making Evolve as rad as it can be. I really appreciate that @MacMan and Phil, along with other devs, testers, and the lovely @Shaners all took time to chat with me. I’ve got a sweet photobooth photo with a handful of the guys that I ought to post. I got to rock (demanded?) the Revivifier! XD

Whenever I hear/see someone disrespecting the hardworking folks at TRS, I do my best to disagree in a polite and respectful manner, explaining that Shear simply wasn’t built in a day. There are things we’re not happy with in-game, but if you don’t think everyone at TRS is hard at work trying to improve Evolve, you’re dead wrong.

Also, when Lennox can fly and Laz falls through the earth and subsequently melts, just laugh and get ready for your next drop. I’m willing to bet these things are all logged in the bug tracker, so fret not.

Turtle Rock is awesome: Will not fix, working as intended.


and we are glad you are with us, Chris. You’re defiantly a viable member to the community.


Thanks everybody!!!

We are learning so much thanks to the feedback from this community. Thanks to you all, things are always going to move the right direction. :blush:


Aww! Virtual hug :smiley:


I’m super hyped for T5 and Behemoth balance changes? wink wink I really like TRS’s community interaction and I completely understand the reasons why you guys have to be tight lipped about the un-revealed T5 characters. I really can’t wait for further reveals and weekend challenges! Thanks a lot for caring about your community.


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