Yes! I always wanted an obsidian grub thread !

Ok all the unofficial obsidian grub lore,

  1. The obsidian grub grubs have a hive queen

  2. They have voodoo powers (how else do you explain the bird perk)

  3. They have a special bond with behemoth becuase they are both stone creatures

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The bond they have with Behemoth is that he is their Hive Queen.

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I really wish devs would make this stuff official lol

@BehemothOrigins come fellow stone creature

This is awesome!!

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Bad Obsidian grub fan art !


Definitely adding a crown now

I don’t think this needed it’s own topic. Opinion @MidnightRoses ?

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I feel betrayed, so deeply betrayed ! :fearful:

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This belongs in the Fanart thread.

But I’ve always wanted a grub thread

But what’s the point of a Fan Art category if everything gets put in one thread? If I may ask.


Yeah! We got this!

Well, of cou-

Uh, we-



Not sure, but I think we get to keep the thread


So let’s start talking about the grubs!

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Grubs are just tiny shy Behemoths

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I guess we are half rolled up then

It’s been confirmed the grub was designed after one of the Devs long lost guinea pigs, Scruffles. Scruffles ran away during the early creation of Evolve, and they never found him, so the Obsidian Grubs were designed as a lament to Scruffles. This can easily be seen because Scruffles was nicknamed “Scrubbles,” by a few team members, and his black fur was so shiny most of the office agreed it wasn’t quite black, it was more Obsidian. It has a sheen to it, thus the Obsidian Grubs!!!