Love the spooky wraith whispers, more spooky stuff for wraith?

love the spooky wraith whispers,

how about making wraith even more super scary horror monster?

How about making wraith the jump scare monster, give wraith passive to make everything darker for hunters,

wraith makes the map go nighttime, raining and storm?

make some sort of mist or smoke that turns red / black and messes with visibility, large red pools of liquid,
super spooky stuff? use all the horror tricks to make it super scary?


I think about the vision getting red like beeing injected with blood.
Or the screen that glitches and show images while you are downed and about to die.
Here’s some examples of what I mean:

the lower your health, the more often they trigger.


I think TRS does really cool things like this, the Kala stuff, and other aspects of Marketing/ARG that people often overlook.

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I think that phantom wraiths supernova should get replaced with a ability that gives players the equivalent of the blindness effect from minecraft for a few seconds.

Isolation does actually make the edges darker & lowers the saturation of your screen.


“Wraith:The eight pages” once she finds you she will give you hell.
Diiiiiiiiiiing din din

love the idea of the screen glitching


Instead of digital glitches I’d prefer some kind of visions or nightmares

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Good overall, but please not the jumpscare. I’ve had enough from FNAF Sister Location already. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like both digital glitches and visions, full spectrum scarey.

Does the whispering only effect those with isolation stacks if the wraith is nearby?

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I’d like the idea that when isolation starts stacking along with the whispers thing happen to actually unnerve players.
Like random " Hunter down" or “the monster has evolved” when it hasn’t happend.
Make it more psychological.

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I will abduct you and f- you in the corner.

Though in my case I would throw my body at her while yelling “TAKE ME! I’M YOURS!”

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Hands of! That’s my idea for hunter!

I thought I was losing my mind yesterday, good that you cleared this out. Thanks!

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