Love the new patch


can’t think of a single thing in this patch that hasn’t improved this game

love the new dailies and progression, way more addictive

controls feel a lot better

i really only pug in this game and pugs still have a hard time chasing an experienced monster around the map. either separated and get owned or we run around in a group and never catch it til 2 or 3

monsters seem pretty OP right now, especially if hunters are missing at all or blowing cooldowns without being in perfect sync with each other. don’t think hunters should have a skill requirement that is so high honestly. not pug friendly


yeah monsters are redonk

generally in a pug fight one of our guys goes down in seconds and then the monster just sits on the dude, anyone who goes to rez gets owned and it dominoes

still a running simulator unless monster is bored and wants to fight, but a shorter one thank god. pug hunters basically achieve the exact same endgame by just sitting somwhere waiting for the monster to hit level 3 and go to the relay. tracking direction thing isn’t helping much in these pugs. monster is the one choosing the fights.

bots are super unhelpful if peeps bail. they just follow you around but won’t do anything towards winning


don’t ever go into res until you know it’s 100% safe. The monster wants you to come to him, instead you should all just lay damage in and punish him for camping :slight_smile:


yeah but we’re talking pugs buddy, monster just kills the guy so we’re down and then next fight is even harder

monster is like a self contained premade. all he has to do it combo guys. his shields recharge ridiculously quick.

think they should nerf the monsters substantially when facing pugs

when facing premade hunters it is a different thing entirely. but it seems the balancing right now is entirely around premade hunter groups who sync well. this will chase casual players away. can’t hold pugs to a premade standard


I only play pub matches tbh, and people learn (they did learn in Legacy evolve) to pick people up only at the right time. It’s early days :slight_smile:


the new animated badges are awesome btw

basically being farmed by monsters today. able to achieve all of the dailies except for the win. i’m not really a monster guy

no idea what the overall win ratio is for full pug hunters but I doubt it is very high


this wraith owned 3 hunters and leveled to 2 within 60 seconds

no idea how he evolved so fast when all he did was kill our team. you get evolve credit for that?


customizable controller setups is awesome


You do indeed :slight_smile:


just did a bot match and the bot monster completely owns the bot hunters

thats not cool