Love the game but i want to play medic -.-


Played a ton of matches so far and i keep getting put vs full teams and keeps sticking me as monster this is really annoying cause i want to play medic and unlock caira. I have had monster as my 5th choice and it keeps poping up. I would rather wait 10 mins to play as an medic than the other classes. It’s to the point where i’m just gonna fight bots till i unlock her =/

Please fix this.

PS4 - Matchmaking Slow and broken

Odd, I haven’t had this problem. I always get the monster if I want it. When I switch I always get the first choice I switch too. However, when the match continues on and I don’t go to another lobby, the chances seem to raise that I will get a second or third choice.


Yeah, MM has been hit hard by some server/service/clientele issues. It should be fine soon. TRS is working on it.


That sucks. If you play with friends, you’ll most likely be the medic if they choose other hunters. I never had this problem in the beta, but, that was the beta.


If you keep getting monster consistently in one lobby it might be that the other people are in a team and barred from being the monster.
Though, I have been put as monster when theres empty spots on the hunter side, so it might not be the case too


If you want to unlock Caria, just play solo mode for a while.
Btw if you want to level up monsters, defend mode on solo is great, day 1 and i just need to complete banshee mines so I can get wraith.


This folks. Remember - TRS prioritized short wait times over preference; and until there are a few more players in the pool you’ll get a lot of this. By late tonight, tomorrow, and certainly by weekend, these issues will have smoothed out a lot!


Played for 3 hours today only got 2 games in as medic and 5 as monster and my monster is my 4th pick, Support is my 3rd pick and i played monster more than that. (also had 3 games with Assault.) I love the game but its making me wish i did not buy it atm.