Love the game, but have a few gripes


First, let me say this is just my opinion on how I feel. I know a lot of people just enjoy the core game for what it is, as do I, but I do like always feeling like I’m working towards something. Not just a win.

  1. Even after the upgraded elite skins…the stuff is barely noticeable. I feels Ike the skins should be more than just the weapons. Idk for me it seems to be a let down. I know this stuff for others is insignificant but I’d like to be able to show off my accomplishments.

  2. Similar to the above. I feel like we need more customization options as I haven’t played That much and feel I already have most of the stuff I want leaving not so much replay value. I love the core game but I feel like having something to always unlock keeps me playing more.

  3. So many loading screens in between matches, imo.

  4. The mic quality ingame seems to be a bit off. In parties its so much clearer. I’ve heard the same things from numerous other people.

All in all I greatly enjoy the game.

  1. Hunters are FPS. Kinds hard to love something you don’t see. :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Skins are easy to make. More will come.
  3. So true
  4. It seems alright to me.
    I love the game too, it just needs a bit to get the bugs out of its hair.


I would just love it if they fix it that you can wall climb at an angle. I don’t see why you have to be facing a wall straight on. There are numberous occassions where being able to scale a wall at an angle would’ve saved me from a monster, or at least bought me time, instead of falling as my jet-pack ran out of steam.


I’m glad that you are enjoying the game so much. For Evolve, I feel the replay value comes from the combat more than the unlocks. For the weapon skins, I’d rather get to visually enjoy my own accomplishments than show them off to others.
I will agree there are several loading screens, but these don’t really bother me too much as long as it isn’t as much “waiting for players”. I also agree that the ingame chat could use some tuning as this would encourage more people to use the in game chat rather than 3rd party chat which makes communicating with teammates near impossible


The reason I use 3rd party chat is because I dont want to get split up from the only person with a mic I found in the last two hours. There is connection problems where people get dumped from games or lobbies on the Xbox one


Yeah, we are fpsers but the point of an elite skin for me is to stand out. We can see the elite skins just fine…but showing it to other players? Not so much. Alternative versions of the characters full skin would be a lot better imo.