Love playing Wraith? This Tuesday is Everybody Play Wraith Day!


When: This Tuesday!

What: All monster players play Wraith. Screw the Haters!

Why: People must learn to respect and fear the Wraith. Show them no mercy!


I thought you quit playing rex


This Tuesday? Pretty sure this happens everyday because people want a sure win instead of a close back and forth battle.


Play wraith day, otherwise known as every day.


I vote this be a month-wide holiday.


I thought you were going to quit until the patch. Doesn’t the PC master race need the most attention?


I think he was being sarcastic


Is today Tuesday? Cause…


He made 5+ threads about it… I don’t think he was.


That hips.


Every day with the ‘…day’ in the name is Everybody play Wraith day.


Ok then…

From this day hunters must only play as Abe , Lazzy , Cabot and Markov.

How about that ? Or you can have griffin instead od abe.


Why not Maggie? Daisy won’t let me hide anywhere when I’m Wraith, especially now people actually pay attention to her!


7th wraith in a row now, woo hoo! (/sarcasm)


You guys would love me. I main monster, and have only touched Wraith twice when I got a match in progress. Otherwise, it’s Goliath and Squidward for me.


Playing skirmish or Evac? When I’m monster in Evac I’ll play wraith usually for only 1/2 rounds. One of the hunts and maybe, very maybe, an Evac round. Goliath is too much fun in nest and Kraken all the way in Defend, though now high level teams are making Kraken counters so I want to learn Goliath for this mode again…


I think it matches you with wraith players so you can get better at the game.

But you just keep sucking. I see you on every post about the wraith whining. It’s kinda pathetic.


Nah, skirmish. Pub players on PC in my region are at least 80% wraith players by my experience.


Verified wraith scrub.


I’m sorry you lack enough skill to beat a wraith.

I guess you can go play another game like Evolve until they-