Love hunt 2.0


I know this is a little late but sense the update of hunt 2.0 I’ve been having a blast with the NEW arena map, “Murder Pit” ever sense i saw this map in the stream i said, “I want to play on this map so BAD!!” and it amaze’s me because when you’re the hunter something is trying to kill you besides the monster, and for the monster, you’re sorta in close space’s and you need to watch out for some wild life too, and Jack the new character otherwise know as"The Jackal" I like the voice acting for the “Super Hero” type of character, and I can’t wait for the new meteor Goliath skin. I didn’t even known about it until the skin showed up when i was playing the A.I. TRS you are doing a great job with this game, keep doing what you’re good at. Tell me what you think of hunt 2.0


I am over all very pleased. I don’t like Jack as much as I was hoping (not my play style) but the dialogue is amazing. My only real complaint is wait time but that’s everybodies.


Maps - awesome
Jackal - awesome
Hunt 2.0. - could be awesome but is not cause of 2 main flaws it have . Long waiting times and also Hunt 2.0. Is killing solo players burying the in bronze forever. And also ballance is terrible in bronze . ( better in silver and again terrible in gold)


That awkward moment when you realize it’s not a skin and more like a whole new monster entirely…

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they said its going be a free skin soon


But, you see sir…


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yes I know new breed of monster as some say