Lots of serious balancing issues!


The monster is WAY OP’ed. The respawn time is WAY too long, it shouldn’t take more than 20 seconds, PERIOD. The wildlife is too OP’ed. It wasn’t like this in the alpha and beta’s. It’s not just me bitching. It’s also several dozen others that I’ve played with extensively. Turtle Rock, you should’ve kept things the way they were in the beta.



Dude they are fine homie. I just watched my roomie mop the monsters at lvl 2 3 games in a row.


Also, where the hell is my pre-order code from Amazon?


Pretty sure if Amazon didn’t send you whatever they were supposed to send you then it’s their fault,should probably contact them. Twenty second respawn time would be pretty OP for the hunters,and personally I feel none of the wildlife are that much of a problem as long as you stick relatively close to your team.


Good lord. Everything is OP. Ok.


Monster op? Maybe…MAYBE Wraith a little.

But I played Goliath and lost 10 times in a row and gave up lol…Didn’t feel OP. Felt 'Strong in the hands of a skilled player" to me. I respect good Goliath players.


Preorder cancelled.