Lots of discussion about Evolve as a competitive ESport


Here’s some tips, specifically, from my most respected youtubers, Extra Credits.

Anyone disagree with any points? Anyone think that there are some points that Evolve does really well?

Evolve an eSport?
Why this game will not be successful as an esport and how to fix it
Competetive Lineup ideas!
The problem with the mapdesign,thirdperson view and autoaim
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Why this game will not be successful as an esport and how to fix it
The problem with the mapdesign,thirdperson view and autoaim
Competetive Lineup ideas!

I didn’t know him !.. (and I really like the intro music ^^)

Well, it’s hard to follow sometimes since he talks soo fast… but yeah, from what I understood, I agree with him.

And Evolve seems to match with the conditions…


That was an interesting little video. The points presented were very well-crafted and thought out.

For the most part, I think Evolve has what’s necessary in the game component side of things. The difficulty is in getting people to understand the concept. Look at much of the YouTube footage of Evolve so far. There are so very many comments along the lines of “I don’t get it,” despite the fact that the game and its primary concept have been talked about for over 6 months at several gigantic gaming conventions and tons of online coverage (along with explanations in the very video being watched). It seems to be a rather tricky thing to convey.

The second, and IMO far greater, difficulty is in the “stars” talked about in this video. But I don’t even want to get into that one…


I pretty much agree with the all points.


I think the game would have to start off strong and immediately(let players play for maybe a month…then put out open enrollment or online tourneys) put out updates and maybe even links on all platforms to watch the e-sport matches.
then as the pool gets smaller in that major tournament then try to hype it up and make it a big deal.

The reason I think this is a good idea is because it seems this generation of gamers have a reeally small attention span and they go into games with a highly negative view, proly because the hype train. evolve is on course to be next years major hype game. and following up 3 major let down hype games. according to reviewers from various sites. I personaly disagree that destiny blew its hype as even the haters are still playing it.

So for evolve to succeed (e-sports wise) it needs to please the mass media quickly before everyones ADD kicks in and goes back to cod and such.


I agree with the point that this game is not well geared towards spectators, since the hunter team is so communication and intuition based. There are so many small things that go into finding the monster that it could be very hard to follow along if you weren’t a regular gamer. Each of the characters is also very unique, so learning what each one does is a chore in and of itself.


The game also has to be exciting to watch. I don’t think Evolve has that aspect from a spectators point of view, even if they were provided stats and commentary. There is too much repetative running around and eating.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved playing the game and will play on release but I really don’t think Evolve will branch much into eSports. Especially with DLC, I’m honestly curious if any game with DLC has branched into E-Sports.

I guess I’ve only ever really been interested in watching Dota/League of Legends/CS/SC2 at a competitive level so my knowledge may be limited in what other people watch regularly.


its hard because most esports games have a variety of stats to keep track up. hell league of legends started a dam fantasy league using stats. this game doesnt seem to have stats like GPM, KDA, or stuff like that. People get fascinated by that stuff. Its pretty entertaining to watch tho since its only 10-20 minute long. all three top spots. dota, league, and sc2 have major down times throughout the match. the correlation is the minor advantages built up over time that lead to the final showdown(s) that are climatic. evolve does this.


Ok my thoughts on this.At first there could be some tourneys which people will see and like.After some time tho,people will not like them so much because of the early phase.In LoL or Dota besides farming there are unexpected ganks and fights or early pushing strats or even fighting in the lanes while farming.In Evolve the early phase isn’t exactly ideal for viewers.Seeing the monster farming mobs while hunters trying to get it.Occasionally there will be a fight if the monster gets caught at early phase but that means hunters will wreck it.So unless in the next year evolve gets any Meta-changes,like give the monsters something else to do early-stage or the hunters,(i cant even imagine to give an example) e-sport wont be the deal with Evolve.
Of course i’m talking about later than the launch of the game.Everyone will enjoy seeing a “pro” monster playing in a tourney or “pro” hunters.But that will be for a limited time


hmm…idk about that reasoning. have you seen all the developer matches? they tend to get caught at least once during stage 2 (first 10 minutes) or during stage 1 even. and then they struggle to get away or gain enough ground to evolve. usually a lucky break(mid chase goliath got a movement speed perk) or a good juke and they can stage up. alot of the dev matches were insanely close too.

Maybe a meta change could be a monster who sort of strong in all 3 levels but stage three suffers for it. so taking 3 abilities stage 1 is ideal because you can possibly win with just that. stage 2 you get the last ability and u can win that way as well. stage 3 maxing abilities either decreases cooldowns or makes “more of” this ability. but the damage stays relatively the same. not sure what else to change the “build up to stage 3” process.


During stage 2 there is always a fight.But during stage 1 its really occasionally.Anyway that was my thought.People will be bored watching 10 mins with no fight


everytime someone says that. Macman has responded to the exact saying by saying “wait till you see the third tier”. so far we have 4 ways to track/catch the monster. maggie’s dog, sound spikes, val’s tranqs. harpoon gun/traps. oh and buckets head so 5. they seem to focus on keeping the monster down and slowed. the third tier could have a trapper that can keep up with the monster at the risk of dying to the monster 1 on 1. leading to more domes and engagements. but i dont disagree with you even i skip the first couple minutes sometimes as they seem no where near the monster.

another note. sc2 beggining base building=boring. dota AND league besides the occasional invade= laning phase farming for the most part = boring(specially current meta). all sports have down times that are as exciting as other moments.


Well anyway that’s only my thoughts.At MOBAS at least you can see 40-60 mins of action later on.But anyway.As i said its going to start well.Not so sure about the future


This video was very interesting and covered alot of things, that need to be adressed.

My main problem with Evolve is:
I think, Evolve is very easy to understand. Well, you may say something like, its hard to get into the details of tracking a monster, or when to fight as a monster, like “i fight before i evolve to stage x, because my armor is going to be gone anyway”

Well, i dont think you got very much into detail with games like sc2, where in alle stages of the game, you have a lot of different strategies.

Dont get me wrong, i really love evolve. But i think the strategies are reaaaally limited. I mean the over-all-strategies. There are different playstyles, yeah, i wont deny that. But the main concept will always be the same. Especially for the hunters team, since they dont really have any possibility to grow ingame(exept perks, which you cant really rely on)

All those things lead me to one point: Watching Evolve as a spectator gets a little boring…
If you understand the core basics of the game, there will be no super exciting new strategies or something like (starcraft 2 references) TLO’s 7racks or Innovations Bio-Mine. The game core concept wont change through patches or additions, because the game and its ingame goals are very limited…

So i think, Evolve will never grow super big, it will have a competitive scene, but its too simple.
Maybe im wrong, maybe it will be a casual-fun-to-watch.game like hearthstone, but im kinda worried about Evolves competitive future :frowning:


Keep in mind the amount of monsters, hunters and maps should increase in due time when the game releases, when it gets high enough, then maybe the competitive scene will rise, stuff like map-voting ( SC2 players can remove maps from the map pool during tournaments ), maybe even up to banning some hunters/monsters, this game has the capability to make such an acomplishment, a good thing is that it also differs from the shooters/RTS genre ( the shooter one im using cs:go as an example )


Well, if we think about 4 tiers of hunters, and 4 mosnters in the early stages of the game, we have 4v1. How many match ups will that make compared to over 100 champs(LoL) with a 5v5 match up? And all the champs have soo many different ways to play themselves(runes, masteries, items, skillorder).

How many ways, you think, there will be for griffin? Like, the main goal will always be the same: Setup sensors, track the monster, setup dome, harpoon and make dmg…

Also, i think, the meta game wont change too much… there arent enough possibilies.

At least, thats my opinion,

Edit: one of my all time fps favs will be Natural Selection 2. Its completly different, but nobody watches it nowadays tho…


You forgot i am talking about the game in a later stage, with more options for gameplay, perks, etc. During release im 100% sure the game is not esports worthy… yet…

I also saw that edit, and i also like NS2, thats one of the main reasons this game fashinates me, and why i am looking forward to feb 10.


I think the simplicity of it is what will help make it accessible. The goal of Counter-Strike hasn’t changed for over fifteen years and it’s still pretty big, and most real life sports even share a common goal of “get ball into opposite team’s goal”. Sure, Evolve has clear cut dos and don’ts for getting into that last stage, but so do a lot of other games. In CS:GO, the same strategies as far as weapon management and tactics have been there for years. I think once we get to see Evolve in the hands of the public we’ll start to see more and more creative strategies spark up. Even with as simple as CS is, new things like throwing your pistol into the air as a fake flash bang are still occurring.


Im a CS:GO fan myself, and i saw Swags Flashbang pistol live and i was suuuper hyped! Glad to see people knowing this kind of stuff around here! :))

That brings me to another point:
What do you think about Clutch Moments and personal impact of the game, in question form:

How much, can the peak performance of one player change the whole game?

CS:GO is the perfect example:
If played super perfectly, one player can (somewhat easily) take out the whole enemy team.

SC2/WC3: Dropship micro

LoL/DotA: Kiting, Orb, Skillshots…

Personally i think in evolve, even when played perfectly, one player cant carry the whole game(it will happen, but i think very rarely).

@Prankman, since you are a CS:GO player, ill name just one player: cloud9’s Hiko…


OH man great point about CS. the only strats on that game really is map paths and map control. yet it is popular. I too have worries for whether this game can take off. however, look at the past events that have taken place. EVERYONE was lining up to play/watch evolve. people seemed to enjoy it.

@nRageD i did this math somewhere not including perks and different strats(4 man split, 2 man split, grouped play) plus in Dome strats(I have made possibilites of perfect movement and positioning to defeat monsters. example: 2,2 cross. 3,1 front. 1,2,1 front) not gonna go into detail. but the number came out to something like 500+ combinations. thats really high.

regarding the sc2 strats. i agree, how innovative can we really make this game. always depends on the players, or korea :angry: lol. that is why i hope they incorporate some dlc expansion that gives all monsters more than just 4 abilities. it would REALLY spread out the diversity and play styles. even jus 6-8 abilities that you can interchange a max of four. bound to any keys. the game would benifit BIG TIME.

League started with 16 champions. evolve will have 16(12 hunters. 4 monsters) food for thought.