Lots of Cool Pictures!


Pay attention to the last skin. Is this a Monster Hyde Skin? If you look at the Fuel Tank you can see a monster claw. I’ll post more if I find more secrets :wink:


Going over the characters you can see names

Electro Griffin: "Straight out of an 80s Movie!"
Robocop was released 1987 “80’s” Spy Kids Game Over was released “2003”

Q Caira: "She’s a Druid"
Google’s Meaning - Druid: “A priest, magician, or soothsayer in the ancient Celtic religion.”

  • “A member of a present-day group claiming to represent or be derived from this religion.”

Renegade Abe: "The Atomic Warrior"
Atomic gives a huge clue, which I assume some type of damage gas from the Stasis Grenades

P Parnell: "Found an experimental super suit…"
More experimental than the Super Soldier Suit?

Edit 2:
Nice new picture for Wraith pretty slick


99.9% sure that’s blood eagle hyde.

The current skins are Man Eater, Monarch, Blood Eagle, and Valkyrie. Not every hunter has a full set yet, but I’m pretty sure they all will eventually.


Edits For the adaptions :wink:


What about Crow though?


I’ll keep looking, but he’s not there :confused:


@mizx Was this originally supposed to happen or an accident? I remember it only being 3,000


I updated the evolveupdates.com site since we gave an additional 27,000 keys to Founders. Any new founder signing in will get a total of 30,000 keys.


Oh, I suppose that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks