Lots of bugs on the pc


When dropping down the screen is black.
My skills all become invisible, making it impossible to know when the cool down is done.
I can move and do everything except for chating. The enter button doesn’t bring up the chat.
Bodies are still dropping down the map immediately when they die.
Vortex gets stopped by a breakable tree and sometimes begins spinning.
Monsters freezes mid animation, stays in a pose for a couple of seconds before resuming.
Behemoth’s wall can have hole if a hunter or a creature is standing near it.
The cool down mastery does the opposite of what it’s suppose to.

Just the bugs this time. Dont take down. If they are fixed next parch, no problem from me. If not, more rage posts to come.


It seems to me that most if not all of these errors are due to connection problems. Everytime I’m having issues with my connection I usually get these same errors. Although, I rarely have connection problems.


Not likely. I have fios and my connection is always good. These problems just happens lots of times whenever i play. I even tried reinstalling, no solution. Getting real tired of these bugs too. After next patch, if things aren’t fixed i’ll probably just leave. First time i ever pre-purchased, and the monster-edition at that, got my hand burned. Never again.


How often do these problems occur? Every game or…?


Once every 2-3 game, but some like black screen or missing skills, seems like every game.