Lost to Behe attacking Power Relay. Questions

Just played a game as hunter against a behemoth and after 2 man wiping and we ran away after the dome to regroup he went after the power relay. We got back to him as the relay was at one quarter health. Though the monster just continued to shred the relay and win. Is this supposed to happen? is there a damage cap to knock him off? or can he really sit there and punish up for a almost wipe at evolve 3?

P.S. Not really mad as this has happened only once in my small amount of time playing. Looked at an old post in 2015, but not for too long. Thanks for info.

He’s not supposed to be able to sit there and keep hitting it… So long as you’re dealing damage, he shouldn’t be able to break it. Or maybe there’s some new thing on PC I don’t know about?

Obviously there is a cap on such things, so Relay kicking and Pouncing both have damage cap to knock them off of it. Dunno who they were playing as, bcs Relay cap is pretty low I think. It must be somewhere between 40 and 20 since as Caira I think I was knocking off a monster from relay but DoT wasn’t.

Well for the entirety of the games existence literally one singular bullet from any weapon, or one hit from any wild creature could take a monster off the relay. So no, there’s never been a cap. However, they could have added one in TU9. That’s why I said…

…because I don’t play on PC, and I’m not entirely sure what all has been changed.

I know this changed. Perhaps it also effects Relay since it has the same mechanics.


Okie, medic was alive and started hitting him when we were 150m away getting off drop ship, and before we all got there it was over. So there is a cap, good to know I guess.

Did the Medic disengage?

Are you sure the medic was even landing their shots? A hundred and fifty meters is quite a distance…

Like, I could understand if it was maybe one of the Vals or Laz, but Caira and Slim are pretty inaccurate at a distance, and Emet’s missiles have a travel time that could easily allow the monster to crack the relay.

Plus, if it WAS one of the Vals or Laz, there is also the matter of an accidental disengagement while they run towards the monster.

Yeah med was behind the monster at the relay, me and the three others were getting off the drop ship. Prolly the distance she kept killed us. on Distillery

The monster can still nick the generator between getting shot a lot. Its just a nick, but its still a nick!

WHo’s Nick?

jk jk… anyways, one thing to keep in mind is that the shield on the generator only is established if hunters are near enough to have it automatically engage.

One of the best strategies as Bob or any monster is to fight the hunters before evolving to stage 3, wipe the hunters out enough to make them run. Then, make it to generator… evolve. begin smash… win.

So you all were 150m away and the Medic was behind the monster? Your Medic probably ended up disengaging then for some reason, either to reload, or the monster faked them out with an attack, causing them to move and possibly lose visuals or aim.

Alright well just bad luck I guess, prolly won’t run into this for the next 100 games. Thanks for the information I can now use in game. Good luck and Good Hunting.