Lost tier 3 characters again on Xbox


I’m not sure why they are locked again. The first day Evolve released they were working fine, then the next day i lost them. I signed on all day yesterday and everything was back to normal now after finishing up a game of Evacuation i lost all my tier 3 characters and pre order bonuses again on Xbox.

Is this still an issue on 2k servers side perhaps?


This is a known bug and is being investigated as we speak. Sit tight. 2K confirmed it was their servers. :confused:


Ah okay no problem then. I just don’t enjoy the game as much without those characters so I’ll just sit back and wait til its resolved. Is there a link or something you can direct me to so I know when its updated?


Here- a Mod made a megathread on it:

Good luck.


I’ve heard a hard reboot sometimes works (for Xbox One at least).


That doesn’t seem to work. I’m assuming its a server problem since the in game store does not work either.


Damn sorry. =/


According to 2K it is a server problem.


I didn’t get them back yet. Do you have any update from 2K you don’t mind sharing about the situation or unfortunately will I just have to wait or submit a ticket?


I’m afraid we all have to wait. :confused: I hate 2K. They’re a bunch of incompetents. Don’t get me wrong, TRS is epic, but their publisher is retarded. :unamused:


Ah okay. Well on the bright side it made me play Bucket more to unlock Cabot since I pretty much only play him and Hank for support. So I finally have Cabot regardless of if the tier 3 is still locked.

It also made me unlock the Kraken today too since I was forced to play Goliath. I don’t think I’ll be playing Kraken much he seems way too tough for me lol.


He can be alot of fun, though. If you’d like tips, here’s a good thread:

It really has everything you need to know about the flying squid magician.

On a side not- every cloud has a silver lining, I suppose. :smile:


The best you can do now is play for FUN and EXPERIENCE.