Lost the initial love for this game,The witcher 3 can't come soon enough


When i got this game at launch i loved it like most who played it i bet, but just lately i go to put Evolve in and within 30 mins i turn it off and feel like chucking it out the window.

There’s so much wrong with this game on ps4,but my biggest gripe is the matchmaking taking forever and then putting me in started matches all the time that i just quit from.

This game is suffering from lack of content right now,there should be more hunters/monsters than this,for me it’s gotten stale and i can see me completely dumping this game soon when The witcher 3 arrives as that has tons of content in somethink you can’t say for Evolve.

My assesment of TRS thus far is they are too dam slow at patching their game and don’t seem to be able to fix a lot of the bugs people have been complaining about for month’s,i mean the last ps4 patch and only patch thus far completely ruined the game creating endless bugs.

Sorry but i just feel Evolve is going like Titanfall did,it had great potential at launch but the lack of content will let it down in the long run and the speed of patches/fixes that don’t come quickly enough.

Yeah i know we will get some new hunters/monsters soon but when will the next lot come 5 months later,this game get’s very stale quick unless there’s lot’s of combinations of hunters/monsters.It’s like they have made a great starter meal and we are all waiting for the main and it’s stuck in the kitchen and everyone’s wondering when will this come, when will that come so everyone goe’s off their food just like me i’ve totally lost the love for Evolve which is a shame.


Evolve getting stale made me play wow again i quit evolve for wow now it forsake me


Are you English because i don’t get what your trying to say…


He stopped playing evolve and started playing World of Warcraft and apparently it has gotten shitty or something cause he said its forsaken him. Guess the short form for WoW confused you?


Here i’ll translate. Evolve is getting stale, it made me start playing wow(world of Warcraft) again. I quit evolve for wow, now it forsakes me.
How’s that :stuck_out_tongue: .


of thanks guys i thought he was saying wooow lol


Is that a PC game…? i’ve heard of it but on console i’ve never played it


Happy to help :wink: and I’m looking forward to the witcher 3 as well.


Yes its a very popular PC game. Its been out for quite a while.


Does The Witcher have boss fights…?


i had to quit evolve it was too glitchy, and today i got so mad whiIe playing kraken i squeezed my controller and i broke it. I had to look at myself and ask why play game that makes you pissed off.


Translation: I am captain gordon freeman of the intergalactic house of pancakes and i demand this game get better.


Yes, games are meant to make you happy. If evolve is causing you this much anger take a break( hahah get it because you broke your controller). Its easy to burn out from prolonged play.


LoL i’ve just got bored of Evolve now which i never thought i would say tbh but that’s made me play other games that i previously didn’t like I.E BF4 i love it i mean considering i’m normally a cod guy BF is soo much better no flying stupid mech suits everywhere i look and tanks !!!


Yep, pretty crazy ones :slight_smile:


ok good all i’ve seen thus far is like swamp combat, first time it’s on ps right…?


Its on PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC.


Yeah but it was mainly a PC game before? that’s why i hadn’t heard about it prior i mean i played most games on ps4 so i was plesantly suprised at this game when i researched it.


I’ve actually only played the second one. And i would imagine so, I’m new to the franchise. I don’t remember much console advertising.


I might go and watch some witcher 2 so i know more about this game lol i want to see boss fights