Lost the ability to move (game-breaking)


In two separate matches (arena quickplay and ranked hunt), while fighting the monster, I randomly lost the ability to run and use my jetpack. I could still look around and shoot my weapon, I just couldn’t traverse the map in any way.

In the arena match, I regained the ability to move in the following round. In the hunt match, I waited a couple of minutes before quitting the game and rejoining to ‘unfreeze’ myself.

No other hunter on my team was frozen (i.e. wasn’t a disconnection issue) and my controller was in perfect condition.

System: Xbox One


The same thing happened to me a few days ago. I was playing hunt in aviary as Slim. Everything was ok until behemoth hit me with his roll attack once. After that I couldn’t move or use jetpack, but I could move the camera, shoot and even use the heal burst ( I didn’t last long though) This was on Ps4


Yikes! That’s not good. Any more information might help the QA team recreate the bug so they can find out what’s causing the problem; do either of you have any footage or screenshots?

Has this happened to you playing a certain Hunter or does that not matter?
Is this happening on one map or several?
What area of the map were you on when you became frozen?
What were you doing just prior to freezing? (using jetpack, climbing, shielding, shooting, etc.)
Do you know what your ping/connection range was around when this occurred?


Sadly I don’t have footage of it. But i remember that I was shooting and jetpacking backwards seconds before it happened (as I said, behemoth hitted me with his roll attack). I was not being shielded, but I think Hank dropped the orbital on me (because the monster was attacking me) and it didn’t even tumble me. I was like pinned to the ground. But Behemoth’s hits did throw me away a little. I was on the south ice section on the aviary, just in the right entrance where there is only one rectangular building. I hope this can help a bit.
P.S. The building kinda looks like a handgun


No :frowning: I really need to set up recording on my Xbox.

First time Bucket, second time Parnell.

Arena match was Refueling Tower, hunt match was Medlab.

In the hunt match, it was the very end of the map on Medlab (snowy area) just behind the small tunnel.

If I remember correctly I was shooting the monster and using jetpack.

Both times this bug happened to me I was playing against a Behemoth. I can’t remember if Behemoth hit me immediately before I froze (although it’s very likely), but I do remember that I was extremely close to the monster when it occurred.

I estimate about 250-300 (but this is normal for me).


Exactly the same happened to me - the orbital didn’t didn’t move me at all.


Xbox has a “Record that!” system that you can use when a bug occurs.


Thanks for taking the time to answer those questions guys, I’m not a QA tester but I can already see the commonalities.

I’ll tag some of the Devs, I’m not sure if this is something that was already logged or not.
@Insane_521 @MrStrategio @GentlemanSquirl


May I ask if you were shooting your rockets as Parnell specifically when this occurred?


Hmm I can’t remember, but I might have been.

If it helps, when the bug occurred and I was playing as Bucket, I was cloaked and not shooting.


yay I’m not the only one on xbox 1 with a crappy ping