Lost progress level 30

So I lost all my progress like the title suggests. I was level 30 with mostly everything unlocked, working on perks and level. I log out for a few hours and then when I log back on my it had me go through the monster tutorial like I had never played before. I really hope you can restore my progress and everything I unlocked because it probable took a good 40+ hours to accomplish. My gamer tag is FreedEmperor917 please do something to either fix this huge bug or just restore what I had earned.

There is nothing they can do but restore characters… you’ll have to do it all again like I had too

Bugfix is coming with the patch as I understand. Unfortunately, you’ll have to earn back the rest besides the characters.

Yea, it sucks… and for the moment we’re waiting on a patch and potential restoration.

Bookmark these threads for the latest;

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How do I go about getting my characters restored then? That’ll at least be a head start

contact 2k and tell them your problem !

I’m so sorry about that man. I truly am. I hope you get everything back. You shouldn’t have to deal with this.

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2k customer support they will give you a list of things you need to send to them. I still haven’t heard anything back and unlocked everyone myself already