Lost Progress, Couple Related Questions


I know that there is already a post about lost progress, but I have some related questions that I didn’t want to be buried.

I also have tweeted Evolve and they haven’t responded so I figured I would post here.

I lost my progress this weekend, and submitted a ticket. However, they provided me ways to avoid progress wipe (which in my case actually didn’t work, plus it doesn’t help since it already happened) and told me they can’t do anything. I keep seeing on Twitter that they are working hard to help anyone affected, but I wasn’t helped at all.

I was wondering if people who got progress wiped actually got some sort of help? Or will they eventually? Any official updates on progress to fixing this? Should I continue to play or should I stop?

Any help will be much appreciated.

P.S. It is truly unfortunate that this happened, and I absolutely hate to see all the anger toward Evolve and TRS. I eventually want to become a game programmer, so I understand the problem and I just wish that they can fix everything without too much fallout. Best of luck guys!


Im in a similar postion and have had very little luck in the way of a solution to my problem too.

I have however had responses from 2k and TRS now.

Unfortunately not the answers I had hoped for and have been left feeling particularly disappointed, and frustrated with no real resolution or promise of a fix in the future, ill be honest im not sure what else to say other than keep trying and hope and pray they get this sorted.