Lost Progress Bug


As I have found out, There is a bug that removes progress. Here is my version of the events.

I am playing on my PC, Everything was great. the only thing I did was use the chrome and then I deleted my History through Chrome( I mention chrome because i am not sure if browser means bugger all).

Next time I turn the game on. it does not sign me into my account. it asks if i would like to sync my moblie blah blah blah I click pass. BAM Im in the monster tutorial, huh? so i promptly quit after the video ends.

Menu- My Graphic settings have been reset to defaults(high) or and readjust and then i notice my progress has been reset to level 1.
It remembers my badge scheme and my accolades are unlocked, but all of them are now 0/300 or what have you.

This is disappointing as I had just unlocked the krakken and Bucket and was looking forward to playing them. It kinda makes me want to shelf this game

Is there any fix. or is it tough luck?


On PC? Uh-oh… I suggest reporting this here- scroll down to the “Bug Reporting” link and post away.