Lost of elite status


does any one else find it a bit disappointing and wrong that when your account gets reset all 2k does is give you the same automatic response saying all they can restore is character unlocks :confused: surely with screen shots of elite char on your account they could restore those to… Honestly I don’t care about the high level going back to 1 or third tier being locked again that’s all easy what really bother be is all the hard work gone into elite status of 2 chars (bucket and caira) all for it to be wipe and only way to obtain again is by grinding the hell out of those annoying challenges again I hope they find a better fix for this because I love the game but ever since this happen I lost all motivation to play anymore and I’m sure there probably a few other people who feel the same


I smell a bit of Master Chief Collection disappointment, as I lost my progress today and suddenly lost the desire to play.