Lost my Voodoo skin


Had my Voodoo skin 2 days ago. As of last night and this morning, I no longer have it. Should I email 2k support, or is this something that TRS can fix for me?


Try to unlink and re-linking your MY2K account. That can sometimes fix these issues.


What the dark lord said.


Just tried it. Still nothing : /


Try sending a ticket to 2K and see if they are able to fix the issue. Not sure what else to try, sorry.


Will do! Thanks for trying!


So I contacted 2kSupport and they sent me a troubleshooting suggestion. I tried it and it didn’t work, so I emailed them back telling them that, and I haven’t heard back. It’s been about 3 or 4 days. Can someone please help me get the attention of the right people, or help me troubleshoot this? In case you’re wondering, 2kSupport suggested that I clear my cache on my Xbox.



Hoping I can get some help with this. I messaged 2kSupport again and still haven’t heard from them… @DB_Sinclair, would you be able to help me out?


That sucks because I think that’s the best looking skin on Goliath.


@RfcThrash What platform and what’s your ID/gamertag? And Ticket number please.


I am on Xbox One and my gamertag is RfcThrash. Ticket number is 1054227. I happened to just receive an email back from 2kSupport, by the way. If this was your doing, DB, then thank you!


I’ve pushed this through for escalation. Please let me know how it goes.


Awesome! Thank you so much!!


Patrick L. was able to help me retrieve my Voodoo skin. Thank you so much, DB. You must be a busy guy, and it means a lot that you were willing to help me out in this way. I really appreciate it \m/

Also, please thank Victoria H., for me. She was super polite, and that kind of stuff doesn’t go unnoticed.

Take it easy, DB!



It’s nice seeing the dev community so proactive with the community ^.^ Love this forum and game