Lost my preorder bonus


Due to payment issues, about a week after I started playing the game (had it preordered) I was denied access. After resolving the issue I had to re buy the game and I lost my bonus. Now that I see behemoth is 15 goddamn dollars I actually care much more.


I’m not sure I understand your issue. Payments to play the game?

What platform are you on?


I think he mean he tried and failed to pre-order the game because of a payment issue, so he bought it after it came out, which means he did not get the Monster Expansion pack.
And now he says Behemoth is too expensive.

It is not a bug, so I’m moving the thread, ok? :smiley:


Ahhh ok. Works for me!


Seems to me that he pre-ordered the game and actually had it, then the payment bounced (I guess he didn’t pay off his credit card in time or smth) which revoked his access to the game (and pre-order content)


I dunno, he said he had to re-buy the game and he did say he lost the bonues. I guess we won’t know until OP is back.


I thought i was having the same problem! if you already downloaded the monster expansion pack, it still says behemoth is 15.00 dollars. Go to the store anyways and click on purchase behemoth. It’ll say you already have it and then you will have him.


Yea I preordered it and played for a week, but then the credit card company cancelled the charge because they thought it wasn’t me. When I reconfirmed the purchase I had to buy it again but they took away the preorder


Oh, you’ll need to contact 2K support. I’m afraid there’s nothing that can be done on TRS side. But 2K support should be able to set you right.