Lost My Gold Skins,


Today when trying to pick these skins I was saddened to find I no longer have them ? Is there a reason for this ?


I don’t think so? I’ll check to see if I still have mine.
I still have mine, no idea why you would lose yours.


I’m on ps4 also, for reason I don’t have them anymore :frowning:


I’m on PC, maybe it’s something with the PS4?


When I lost my skins on Xbone, I just unlinked and relink my my2k account and that worked for me.


Nicholas Cage?? WTH are you doing here?


Thanks I’ll try that out,


Why, Decibel… I’m everywhere.


Nicholas cage is everywhere = OP please nerf


Re-linking my 2k account fixed it thanks for the help.


No problem.