Lost my account stats, back to level 1


I’m not sure if i’m in the right category so sorry if i’m not.
I just lost all my stats, and I’m back to level 1.

Last time I played I was at a friend and I logged in at his house.
I didn’t had my second tier hunters there but I had the third tier that I didn’t unlock on my account. ( he had the promo code )
Now a week later I want to play and login at my house. I get promped that my cloud save is newer so I sync that one, and boom, all gone.

Please help me, i’d really love to have all my things back.

Hello, this is a known issue that’s being worked on. I believe that we will see a resolution soon!

So for now, it’s just fuck me and start over?! That would’nt be very nice of them.