Lost monster rank for winning a game 4 times



Hello there =) First of all i have to say thanks for all developers, i was playing Evolve from early Beta and rly digging it. And keeping this game alive with moving it to ftp was rly nice =) Aaaand bout the problem.Was playing ranked as a monster for the last 3 days and it works pretty fine for me. Except 2 things:

  1. Veeeeeeeeeery long qeue. but fuk it.
  2. Sometimes i lose my rank for winning as a monster. 4 times for now in 3 days. Lost nearly 50 for now and it is becoming pretty annoying. Is that bug or … wat? P.S. Sorry for my English


Corrected the category and fixed title to understand the issue.

The devs have stated they are hot on the case, thanks for reporting this!


thx for quick answer!