Lost/Halted Progression? Not a Bug! Dev Response Inside. :)


Changing category since it’s about a game bug, not a bug in the forums.


I am going to verify and restart everything to see if this works.


I restart and now is downloading the game otra ves ash that will be the same one you step


Going to restart now.


I’m no longer getting any Profile EXP after each match, ever since the new update.

I’m stuck at Lv. 24 :sob:



We pushed an update to our backend services. The UI for account progression should increment correctly now!

Hi everyone,

You’re not losing progression. With the 2.01 patch we adjusted account progression which is throwing off UI a bit. Keep playing, it’ll fix itself!

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I was literally two games away from twenty and ranked play, when it drags me back down into the abyss ;~;


No refund, right?


em but i played some games, no change…


You need to catch up to the new progression system.


and how is that system?


All you need to do is keep playing. :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing game after game and still no account level progression.


Does it impact characters?


Lets say originally to get to 20 you need 30k exp. And you were at 29k exp. Then they increased it to 50k exp needed for level 20 but level 19 is now at 45k exp so it won’t show anything till you hit 45k+


Only account level progression.


I’m in luck then for rushing to level 20 just to get to ranked. However, waiting times are too long. sigh.

Guess not much ppl in my region bothers to play?


they could just not have enough at level 20 yet.


ok finally getting ranked games!


I was too happy too early. only 1 ranked game in an hour. only able to paly 4 ranked games in 4 days >.>