Lost/Halted Progression? Not a Bug! Dev Response Inside. :)


It’s not a :bug:

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Have played like 5 games on Hunt and I am not getting any XP for my Character or my Account LVL. Haven’t been able to find any fixes.

UPDATE: Restarted my game now I am gaining Character LVL but no Account LVL still.


Same Problem :frowning: my Acc lvl stuck at 22.


Are you playing in Online Match Making or Local Custom Game?


My Progressbar reset after the update and does not change I played a few games and was nearly to up rank i think it was just a graphical bug but i did not get level up. After I finish a game it just does not move.


As stated in the title I stopped getting points for my profile progression, the progression bar just shows up empty and I’m not gaining any points after a match. I still get points for character progression, only profile progression has stopped.


Have you tried to verify the game cache integrity since the patch? Also, have you tried to restart your pc or steam?


I was playing and I was about to reach level 20 juge a game with which taxes to reach level 20 and error bar experience level in black and design level 19 stayed I played and 4 games and not the bar moves the character if jugeo always rises with assault and level up but did not stay at 19 and black

estaba jugando y ya iba a llegar al nivel 20 juge una partida con la que iva a llegar a nivel 20 y error se quedo la barra de experiencia de nivel en negro y dise nivel 19 he jugado ya 4 partidas y no se mueve la barra la de personaje si sube siempre jugeo con asalto y sube pero la de nivel no se quedo en 19 y negra


This is happening to me too. Im getting keys but no XP for my account lvl or character progression

UPDATE: I’m now gaining Character LVL but still not gaining Account LVL.


Changing category since it’s about a game bug, not a bug in the forums.


I am going to verify and restart everything to see if this works.


I restart and now is downloading the game otra ves ash that will be the same one you step


Going to restart now.


I’m no longer getting any Profile EXP after each match, ever since the new update.

I’m stuck at Lv. 24 :sob:



We pushed an update to our backend services. The UI for account progression should increment correctly now!

Hi everyone,

You’re not losing progression. With the 2.01 patch we adjusted account progression which is throwing off UI a bit. Keep playing, it’ll fix itself!

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I was literally two games away from twenty and ranked play, when it drags me back down into the abyss ;~;


No refund, right?


em but i played some games, no change…


You need to catch up to the new progression system.


and how is that system?