Lost games because of bugs


I lost 2 of my placement ranked matches because of BUGS
The game is really bugged, first i had a black screen and the hunters were killing me, i couldnt see anything besides their HP, and another time i jumped and my camera stuck and i couldn’t move anymore. This is so demoralizing ,sad.



Restart Steam and download the latest rollback. That will fix it for good.


This is a beta period, and so while bugs are always annoying and aren’t intended, you hopefully understand they do happen :frowning:

I agree though, it is demoralising, but ranked is such that as long as you are playing to your normal standard the lost matches right now shouldn’t matter too much in the end :slight_smile:


The rollback did not fix my problem, I still have the defeats, it’s unfair :confused: 4 wins 6 defeats when I should have 7 wins and 3 defeats.


It is unfair, yes. But then life really is unfair, isn’t it?

In the corner of the screen it says “BETA.”

Beta. When you downloaded the Beta, you accepted all the horrible beta-ness that came with it. So this was to be expected, wasn’t it?

Expecting to never encounter game losing bugs in a Beta is a bad idea.

So while I understand the frustration, it is pretty awful, there’s nothing to be done and it’s just part and parcel of the current experience.


I do understand what you mean, it just feels so bad when I thought I was good at the game and I put so much time into it and I lost 3 very important games because of this, im not asking for anything special, just some kind of rollback of my account or i don’t know.