Lost Everything I've Purchased


i.e Bog, Wendigo, Carnivore, Magma skins for each of the 3 starting Monsters.

I’ve also lost T4 and Behemoth. Which I recieved from Pre-Ordering.

Everything was fine until now, when I logged in and everything I’ve payed for is gone. Please tell me there’s something I’m missing here… Apart from all my skins and T4?


What platform are you on?


I’m on PC.


Are the 2K Servers down? I can’t access the Store either. Its been loading for 10 minutes.




It might be. I was going to suggest that you unlink then relink your My2k account, but it’s best to wait until you can access other 2K services.


Try verifying from steam and re-linking your 2k account.

Last resort could be a fresh re-install, but due to the size of the game that’s a bit of a desperate thing to do unless you have blazing internet lol

EDIT: I’m currently having issues connecting to steam itself o.0 Might be my own PC though.


hmmm… It’s weird indeed.

Here’s a couple of things that you could try:

  • Verify game cache.
  • log in and out of your My2K account in-game.

Also I just heard that steam were down due to server maintenance so It may have something to do with that? I dunno.


I’ve just restarted the game and everything is back… I restarted a few times a couple of minutes ago but it didn’t fix the problem.

Strange… But it’s fixed now, thanks for the Help guys. :wink:


Could be that 2K was doing maintenance on something as well. Glad its back.