Lost Dog Dilemma


Alright, so I’m going to be swift. I saw two lost dogs and heard about a third one nearby. They were skittish, but the brown one let me feed him. They got close to me because I had my service dog next to me. A girl and her friend were nearby so I asked if the two dogs were theirs (as I was a bit uncertain on whether or not she was comfortable around my dog and hers just happened to be on a potty break and went to check out my dog). She said no, they’d been lost dogs for two days now. I fed them and was able to get close enough to check out their tags… well, the brown one’s at least. The girl and her friend are contacting city hall as we speak. The pound apparently isn’t good.

We’re handling this alright. But I just want to ask: You get any stray dogs around where you live? If so, how do you go about sorting it out? back home we’d take the dog in and go looking about on social media and in the streets. We’d have to be careful not to say ‘yes’ to the first person who answers, though. People steal dogs for their own gain or, sometimes, for… laboratory business through ‘lost dog’ posters and such.


Alert all the local shelters and pet stores in your area. Try to take them to a vet to see if they are chipped.

Those are the first two steps that I would suggest.


We talked to the two local vets. One pointed us to the other. The other pointed us the City Hall. Apparently the pound here is horrible. the girl whom I spoke with was born and raised here so she knows everything having to do with that. I just fed the dogs and checked their tags… which had nothing but a code and the city name on it. It’s a small town in America so I doubt animal shelters will be that complex.

They dont’ want to transport the pups. They’re skittish and you know what skittish dogs might do if you confine them. They don’t look or act dangerous. (In fact, the brown was being playful with my dog) In addition, they wouldn’t go anywhere near the other girl. Just me, who had wet food, a leash, and another dog.


If they look like they were at once point taken care of I bet they are chipped…but if you can’t get them someone to check it’s a moot point.

Are there any no-kill shelters?


I don’t know. The girl just said ‘I’m not giving the shelter their information.’ From the way we passed about stories of experiences with dogs and legal issues… yeah I wouldn’t, either. The Land of Free is a land where you are free to abuse those lesser than you as long as they don’t speak your language whether or not it’s your job.

i just got an e-mail from her and she says the pound can’t (or won’t) help unless they can contain the dogs. So… well, I gave her the advice of looking at pet shops and checking for chips.


Best of luck! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


It’s alright. You do have some amazing suggestions. It’s the late afternoon so we still have some time to sort this out. Hopefully I can edit this topic by tomorrow with good news! :slight_smile:


I would post found posters, if you’re planning on holding onto them. But don’t put their descriptions on the posters, only the number of dogs, if someone calls have then describe their missing dogs. I hope everything turns out well, I hate missing animals. :disappointed_relieved:


I hate it when animals go missing, too!

They can’t stay at my place. I’m in my college dorm atm. The girl whom I spoke with is at a dorm as well. Her boyfriend lives with a very territorial dog. So they’re going to have to camp out on campus until we can get help.


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Makes me sad, a dog gets lost where I live, and you never see them again. I hope they find a way home.


Yep. You HAVE to be careful with who you give the lost dog to. You can’t just give him or her to the first person who answers. ‘Lost Dog’ is a great way to get a partially trained dog for free. Or a new test subject for a lab. Or some easy money. Etc, etc.

OnceI found a lost pure-blood Pomeranian on our street. He had a very expensive show dog tag and collar. Almost a dozen people called in saying: “She’s mine!” The owner of the dog wasn’t even on Facebook. We had to find him by word of mouth and go to his door. It’s very sad and unfortunate. ;-;


I found a lost puppy, and I was able to get it back to ts original owner within hours, I decided I’d call the Humane shelter here which is reliable unlike most, I adopted my cat from their so I had faith.



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