Lost Beta Progress


Just started the game up on xbox one and see that I have been reset to level 1. Have all characters and skins from the bundle pack, but lost all my progress. Was this meant to happen, as I was told that I would keep all my progress from the xbox one beta…


You only carry over character unlocks and only if you were XBone AND signed in to your MY2K account during the Beta. All mastery and levels were not carried over.


Ah. Ok. I was wondering the same thing. My XB wouldn’t let me sign into my2k account during the beta… looks like I’m gonna be playing some Hunter’s Quest on my train ride to work.

I think I remember someone mentioning this, but I wish it was better advertised that you had to be signed into your account to make sure your progress was saved. I’m sure there are going to be quite a few people that didn’t realize this, too.


are you out of your mind! What? Nobody said any of this! It was told everywhere to be you play on the Xbox one beta and it’ll transfer to the game What is this crap?! Oh had to have a 2k account and even then not everything transfers what the $%&#! why wasn’t this information released and well known! I get on the game to a huge disappointment what I had all that time and leveled-up and upgraded everything way to give a real gamer a middle finger for lack of information.


I’m with the guy above me. This is ridiculous and was not at all advertised well. If im told that my stuff would carry over i expect everyhing i did to carry over. Now you guys are changing all that? I for one am outraged and honestly don’t even want to play your game now. Expect a lot of mad beta players coming your way!!!


Lol how you gonna say I’m someone else, look at Facebook you twat because you looking like a damn fool…update: guy above me pretends to know two different people are the same. Lol people have the same names get over it.


It was never, ever said all your progress would carry over, it just said your character unlocks would.


I went back and read their stuff and your right. Im still annoyed as i was expecting all the progress but thats my fault i guess. Thanks for clarifying unlike the others before you!


If it was advertised as character unlocks only… then that was in fine print and was done intentionally to mislead people.

I will choose not play this game now. Game progress saved from beta to the real game is not expected. But you should not advertise it as such if that is not actually what you are doing.

I will spend my time playing the games of more reputable companies.


I was signed in the whole time and I’m currently signed in as well and I’m at level 1…


I saw that it only said your character unlocks would carry over, not your level/exp. Just gotta deal with it.


It is a bummer. I honestly thought you’d keep your progress too, but it does only state “character unlocks”. I thought that would include your progression with the character too since you are unlocking upgrades to the weapons as you progress, but I guess that part was not very clear.

To the other point, it does not state that you needed to be logged into My2K for the data to sync so I can see where that got lost in translation and I’m sure there will be a lot of upset people over that. Good thing the game is still fun to play.

This is what their post states from the news feed:
If you participate in the Xbox One Open Beta, all character unlocks that you make through Kraken and the second tier of Hunters carry over into the final game when you purchase Evolve. As an Xbox One digital exclusive, if you pre-purchase the game you also instantly-unlock Wraith and the third tier of Hunters in both the Beta and the final game.


I don’t understand the fury. I realize it is annoying, and having to unlock everything again sucks, but the rage always amazes me. Save thsee powerful emotions for things in life that are truly important.

You lost what… 3 days’ progress on a game you will have forever? In 4 days, you will be caught up and beyond where you were during beta. 4 days is not a long time.

And besides, as was pointed out, in a post above, this was information we were given, that you somehow either missed or chose not to read thoroughly.

Some people waste so much energy on hatred and anger. Just try to step back and remember that these guys just made you an amazing game that will bring you months if not years of entertainment. Spend that energy on something good. Raging at a keyboard is just… sad.


So two people can’t have the same name? where did you even come to this conclusion of we’re the same person?



First off i don’t play this game I came on this forum to find this information for my husband, however I do believe this forum was set up for people to express how they feel about certain issues. This way the developers know what to try to fix or make better. So if 50 people posted angry post then now turtle rock knows that this is something that maybe should have been made more clear. They did make an amazing game but everything has flaws and I believe the company wants to know how there consumers feel. Although I see where your coming from I do not believe you had much to add to the conversation, Just making already frustrated people more frustrated. My advice to developers is to first of all have an easier way to contact support weather or not its a little chat screen or a phone number that you can wait on for an hour if we like so we at least feel somewhat productive, and maybe in terms of the account with 2k you could make like a warning screen telling people that is gonna be something you need to save your progress or do something of the sort to make it a little more clear.


It’s pretty sketchy when someone makes an account and says something, then another account is made at literally the exact same time, with almost the same exact name, with only one post agreeing with the aforementioned person.


I’m going by James_Eswin17 from here on out.


that is purely coincidental last night I got the game at midnight to find that my bera progress was gone and made this profile really fast to see anything about it so it uses my Google Plus. So with that in mind I could make another profile but that would require me to make another Google Plus have another email and make another account all taking time for no reason even then why would I waste that time when I can clearly post by myself and can see other people agreeing with me.


I already deleted my post when I said that dude, calm yourself.


I kept my EVOLVE BETA in my xbox one so maybe I could transfer my stuff to the full version but then I read this, i guess not lol. I thought they said that they will carry over everything :frowning: