Lost another player


Sorry to say this but it looks ad if my fiancee has cracked my disc on the top near hole and I can no longer load into games so sorry to be leaving but I cant justify buying a new copy at xbone prices
Sad times I love this game



Hopefully you can come back in the future man we need everyone we can get in this community :blush::blush: cheers


Ex-Fiancée then I take it?


Never enough Star Wars memes



I know I hope I can too love the game and community players and devs alike
Sure we can be prickly at times
But only coz we care about the game




Do Microsoft or the place you bought it from do a disc replacement thing where as long as you prove you purchased the game they will send you a free replacement (might have to pay postage). Worth looking into


Lol to be fair I’m blaming the daft xbox cases there so tight round hole
Its easy done if like her you don’t play games she would never of known
Bet she pulled it out like a DVD
Hence dead game :disappointed:


I’ll give it a try like not giving up yet but it may a forgone conclusion


That’s why I do my Xbox games all digital now lol. If my evolve broke I’d cry


And the worst thing the poor girl was setting me up for a day away from baby to have a gaming day
Then BOOM world come’s crashing in


Yeah regretting that now


Kickstarter fund anybody?


It is worth a try for sure. Places like Walmart or Gamestop will usually exchange for a new disc as long as it is within a certain amount of time from purchase and you must swap it for the same game.

I have done this before.


In uk but ill try I paid for repairs but not sure if a crack counts


Thankfully my boyfriend convinced me to go digital so we can share games.


So you can get a digital copy on Xbone? :open_mouth:


Go see if they have any at Blockbuste- oh…
wait… They went out of business…
Sheds a single tear