Lost all progress


Hey guys,

I got evolve on disc on saturday and played to Level 31 and I was close to unlocking the Goliath elite skin (yes I’ve played a lot) - mostly on solo because I couldn’t get into game sessions. Now I have lost all progress…

I’m very disappointed and I’d need help somehow. Maybe at least an explanation…

Hope this post gets answered

I am pissed! Lost all progress!
Has anyone had there progress reset on xbox 1?
Just hit rank 28 , NOW I'M LEVEL 1 WTF
So I just lost my level and progess [Xbox One]
I am pissed! Lost all progress!
Update for all people who got the progression reset bug!
I lost everything
Xbox One Reset
Progressions wiped since game released

The game doesn’t release until the 10th. Playing it earlier than you were supposed to was not part of the plan. Everything got wiped before release, and release didn’t happen until the 10th. Whether you played it early because of whatever reasons doesn’t matter.


DUDE release is today and there was an official statement to this. devs just want to be fair!


I’m not sure, but this might be because you were playing the game before the official release date?


Yarp, maybe that’s just the case and I should have known it better but right now I’m worried this could happen again - and a friend of mine did NOT lose his progress… I don’t know. Maybe I’m just demotivated right now


But it was a legal copy - I just got it early… just wanted to make that clear


Yeah, that’s really bad. If it happens to anyone else, please give us a shout. What platform are you on?


I understand you got it early. A lot of people said the same thing about getting a physical copy early. Doesn’t mean it was intended.


I’m playing on Xbox one


Thanks for the info. We’ll take a look.


Can you tell me when you lost the progression? What happened? Crash, disconnect, connect to MP?


Alright, thanks for your answer by the way


I lost progress after I lost connection to a private game lobby. It kicked me into the main menue - then I closed an started the game again. Internet connection and XBL party were not affected. I just had to adjust the Gamma Level again and so on and then I had to play the goliath tutorial again.


If you had to play the tutorial again, then something got wiped or corrupted. Were you signed into my2k?


I was indeed - yes. It always signs me in directly when I start the game


Hey thanks for the report. I’ve passed this on to our QA department to take a look at immediately. I’m not positive what has happened but I’ll come back and post as soon as I have more information.

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Thanks @Gertz! You’re in good hands @I_Leviathan86_I. Really sorry this happened to you but hopefully we can figure out what went wrong so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.


While I understand that people don’t like to ‘lose’ progress, the fact that they might repair it seems pretty bad tbh. I don’t agree with anyone being able to play, legitimately or not, the game before everyone else AND gets to keep progress. As much as I love and support you TRS, I do not approve of this.


If it is a bug that could affect us I can understand but if it is just a consequence of playing early after getting the game shipped to them I really don’t see why this is a problem.


Not our fault, or his, that he got the game early but it is our responsibility to make sure people don’t lose their progress.