Lost all progress. (yes I know the titles already been used)


I logged in today and it made me do the gamma set again and I thought that was weird but it then brought me to the goliath tutorial again and I knew something was wrong I set up a custom game and I found out I lost all progress except for beta unlocks,
Which includes all my masteries, accolades, emblems (except for my saved one for some reason) and levels, but I still have my previous position in the leader boards.


Yep…glad to see it’s still happening and Turtle Rock Studios failing to make sure the gaming press and consumers know how bad it is…

It’s like they want to keep selling their game!



TRS has still not put out a patch…


I haven’t played since release this needs to be fixed and this game is fun but this glitch is still around


if you knew of the plethora of threads identically like this why would you create another?


yea these kinds of comments arent needed, nor are they constructive.


And they have stated it is coming. Patience is a virtue.


Hey, that’s my line!


Aww you got it in first! I was at work damnit


Sucker. :laughing:


Be sure to send in a ticket to 2K support (http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) about your issue and do stay tuned to the forum, because a patch is coming soon!