Lost all progress TWICE!

ive been playin since the beta, love the game… i play a lot but there is a ton of bugs and this is the SECOND time my progress has been erased. when the game released i leveled up to 24 and got my progress reset… i googled everything and realized it was happening to a lot of people and they were “fixing it”… obviously i was pissed but i said whatever and leveled everything back up, last night i was level 34 with tons of progress, and now im BACK at level 1 for the THIRD time… my gamertag is TheHighSavage, im ranked 267 with 187 wins clearly i should not be level one… is there anything that can be done… this is rediculous and extremely frustrating

This is a common bug at the moment (Mostly for Xbox One) . TRS are working hard to solve this issue.

Is the update coming this week ?
I’m afraid of this reset I just popped lvl 40 :disappointed_relieved:

so i wont be getting my progression?

You can send a ticket to 2K, and they can give you back your character unlocks. But your levels are gone.

You can read/bookmark these threads Jarrod…

I have seen it happen more in custom matches with a group of peeps, so I tend to avoid em at this point. Hopefully we hear something soon. Shitty stuff… feel for ya brother.

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that this still happens indicates that the devs haven’t found a solution yet, as this bug is high priority hotfix material.

Just happened to me. This is ridiculous. I was level 25 and had two stars on most of my hunters and it just set me back to zero. Are they going to be able to fix this and restore previous progress, or do I have to do all of this all over again?

Maybe to make up for the frustration they should give us all that DLC that should have been included with the game as unlockables anyway.

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im as much in the dark as you my friend, if only we knew

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As far as I’ve been able to gather the patch, when it comes, should be able to restore lost progress.

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