Lost all progress and can't find gamertag on leaderboards


Hey so I reached level 22 or 23 a few days ago and I unlocked all characters for each class and all monsters. I joined a friends game and was booted then I had to reset the gamma and screen edges and it made me re do the tutorials. Then I finally was able to join in my friends game and realized that I was back to level 1 and all characters and monsters were locked. I contacted 2k support and entered a ticket and they just keep telling me to send a screen shot of my gamertag on the leaderboards on a locked hunter or monster. However, when I try to do that I can’t find my gamertag anywhere it just starts off at the top of the leaderboards I’ve tried to tediously scroll through every damn page but can’t find my name anywhere. So WTF am I supposed to do now lol?