Lost all my progress


So, I know that a few people have lost their progress, and the same thing happened to me.

My account was part of the beta, but I had lot of problems during th ebeta and wasn’t able to play the game once. The first time I was really able to play was after the official launch of the game. I went to level 18, then called it a night. However when I went online yesterday all my progress was gone, with all the things I had unlocked. And I was level 2, for some reason.

Please understand that I lost the progress I made AFTER the game release. This is not stuff I unlocked during the Beta.

I still have my rank on all monsters (for example I have 2 wins as wraith when the monster is now locked) and hunters, but this is annoying. Hell, I won’t be surprised if this happens again tomorrow. Maybe it’s time to launch games that aren’t filled with bugs ?

Sincerely, an angry customer.

EDIT : I play on PC.


Hello, this is a known server issue with 2K. They’re working on a fix. Check this link for more information: Do you have XBox Loss of Levels/Progress?


It is on PC, not xbox.


They still use the same servers. Note that these are not gaming servers.


Well, I will send a ticket.