Lost all my progress please help


Okay soI was playing with my friend and when he invited me I lost all my progress and I was at level 21. I was playing on an Xbox One and I have a 2K account. Not sure if other people are having this issue but if anyone can help with fixing it please tell me it would help out a lot

Can I avoid level lost on XboxOne?

The exact same thing happend to me. They are telling us to try sending a issue ticket to 2K.


Unfortunately this is a common problem on 2K’s end. It got me last night. Make a support ticket, they are working on it. There’s a lot of threads like this one.


I made one. But I’m sayin’ I love this game but if this Happens again I’m going to return it cause I can’t handle such BS.


If it happens again I would not blame you for returning it. This shouldn’t have ever happened especially the sheer volume of people.


I mean as big company as 2K are I was really suprised that they couldn’t handle it. And as one guy posted in the forum. Instead of writing their “sentimental” replies Fix it. If the problem is as big as it is they should’ve had already fixed it. I mean so what if they have to put some workers on double shifts This is a issue that has to be fixed now. Or else people won’t buy it anymore and people that have bought it will return it.so the only ones really losing here is the company. That’s why I’m surprised they haven’t gotten all possible people on it.


I sent a support ticket. I really hope they fix this soon I was having a blast D:


Yeah as I said I love this game, but you just can’t love something that f***s you in the butt like that.


Same issue to me just now… tried clearing data on console only and still showing me as lv1


I was close to getting Elite for Caira and Hyde while everyone else including the Monsters were working on their 2nd star. I want to be able to play again.


2k havent responded me yet. Come on -.- i still play but it’s like I don’t want to. I lost the whole “evolve spirit”.i Play one game and I’m like no f*** this i want my progression back. :confused:


I hear that. My problem is kind of unique in that I still have my level but basically all progression is lost. No perks, no stars, etc. (And I was almost elite status with Cabot…grr!)

Funny thing is that when I do rank up, it unlocks perks like I’m starting over at 1! I don’t even get the 2 star perks! Such bullsh*t.

I’m probably just going to boost for achievements now until they fix the problem. If anyone is interested, add me on xbox one: Amish Ace


Read my latest thread Bro. And send a ticket to 2K is the best thing to do right now.


Ok So on PC if you install evolve on another PC you loose all progress on your account it seems.
When i get back home i will report back if i get my levels/unlocks back.