Lost all characters


For some reason I got on evolve and all my characters except originals (Maggie, Val, etc) are gone. I bought all dlc characters and I have my progress on all of them saved like lennox and slim are elite still but are locked.

Update: Out of nowhere it came back but that was my second time seeing it. I unplugged Xbox and quit evolve multitude of times and just stopped and a bit later it came back.


What platform is this?


Xbox One…


Try rebooting your X1, seems to be a server issue cropping up. The characters do return though, this is the second post I have seen recently.


Yeah they came back suddenly and this is the second time for me.


Will this issue ever be fixed permanently?


I hope as it is really annoying having to deal with it.


Did xbox live have some service issues again today? That could have caused the temporary disappearance as it happens often enough.


Have the same problem with xbox one hoping the update is being applied but I am probably wrong.


Yeah, been seeing people having this problem more and more with XB1 lately.
People hard reset their consoles like 5 times and they still don’t appear, but then they randomly show up again in between matches.


You can lock this thread.


I’ll be sure to ask @LadieAuPair about this tomorrow, but I have seen this come up every now and again in the past few days.


This seems to fix itself, you just have to wait it out…


@TomsMeatPlatter I remember you I’ve played with you before when you were a monster. Anyways yeah it usually does, it did both times.


Yeah but it’s super annoying. It gets on a lot of people’s nerves.