Lost a point in Rescue due to bug


Bug found on PS4. Playing rescue as Lazarus on Wraith Trap, one the Survivors was killed by the Goliath, went over to revivfy him from death, but I saw the symbol that shows a dead body falling through the bottom of the map, so I assume the body fell through the map, giving me no way to get him back and losing us a point.


It gets worse, on FOUR separate occasions playing one match on defend, on Salveron Industries, hunters dead bodies would “warp” to different spots on the map hundreds of meters away from where they died, making it impossible to get them back up. I knew this due to the symbols that appear on top of dead bodies as lazarus. I suspect it probably would’ve happened even more if hadn’t started reviving people before they died.

I think Kraken may have been hittting the bodies with Lightning bolt but I cant be sure.


I encountered a different bug in Rescue where the two living survivors refused to step on the evacuation pad resulting in their inevitable death.