Lost a match to invisible walls


I was playing with wraith on medlab against a Maggie, Markov, Val, and sunny. Got to stage 3 and had a confrontation. Killed Val early, took down daisy as Maggie… Then the bugs hit. It was like I got tripped up on a harpoon trap, but there was none. I was able to move away with traversal straight up and a warp blast forward, but as soon as I stopped moving with those I was stuck again. Not being able to move is a crappy way to end a match, but given the bugs I was able to do fairly well considering. Got Maggie and daisy down again, killed them and Markov. Got sunny down, but couldn’t get close enough to cover her. Val got her up and she nuked me to death. Still though, it’s not the first time it’s happened. It’s happened with behemoth a couple of times. Is turtle rock looking in to this?


getting nuked by val… seems legit… but suck for you man i have never experinced that bug before O.o


I know this pain i have expierienced it many times before and.IT.IS.HELLLLLLLLLL


I mean sunny nuked me after she got up lol. My theory on it is it happens when Maggie’s harpoon trap slips off when you go around a corner, then go back to that spot. You’re not tethered, but you didn’t necessarily break it. Invisible harpoons for days then.