Lost 20 games in a row now


I am usually not the one calling everything OP as soon as I loose a few games, and I am never gonna say anything like that. But I have been on Evolve for 4 hours now and ONLY been playing ranked games in hunt as monster. Went against the same comp over and over again: Slim and Hank. And the thing that is starting to piss me off and makes me think that playing monster is kind of boring right now is that Slim can just spam the spore clouds 24/7, I’m fighting a invisible team yaay! And when you try to focus Hank you get even more invisibility and an orbital right in your face. And when I finally get someone down, I have like 1 bar of health left then the chip damage kills me or I get domed as I am evolving. I lost around 20 games in a row now, not a joke. Even as Kraken. Do you even know how many points that is? Gonna take me forever to get back :’(

‘‘Maybe you suck as monster then looool get better’’ Yeah perhaps, or do I? When I have a 80% win rate and been playing monster since I got Evolve? Yeah I think I am the worst ever…

I know how to fight hunters, I know who to take down first, I know combos and all of that fun stuff that you need to know, but since Slim got buffed it’s not fun anymore even trying. And YES I wanted Slim buffed, but buffing him so he can send out 10 healing fields in 5 seconds? Not really like that. I am a monster who moves around so much in a battle you have no idea, I was still blind of the spore coulds and he STILL got heals out of me, like what…?

I stopped playing Kraken for a while just so the hunters could fight something fun aswell, but I have to start with my favourite again because the other ones doesn’t stand a chance against a very good Slim imo.

And I know people are gonna answer ‘‘Well I beated a full gold team yesterday with Gorgon in stage 1, every monster stands a chance so shut up and delete this shit’’ Please don’t answer that, please don’t… I lost 20 games and I am exhausted, feel my pain and frustration guys… Please :frowning:

And people call Kraken op all the time, wow…

Please put some kind of cooldown on the spore clouds, a Slim with quick switch is a nightmare.


Yo @10shredder00 this your thread.


This sounds like a rant to me @TheMountainThatRoars


It’s not a rant, she’s just expressing how she feels going up against Slim and Hank.


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Expressing how you feel when you are angry, is a rant.


No, it’s expressing yourself when you’re angry. A rant goes into a lot more nasty things and usually doesn’t conclude anything besides the person being mad about something. This isn’t a rant.


20 losses in a row, should I be angry? No. Frustrated? Yes. I gave it so many tries with my best monsters and even gave my less good monsters a good try. I atleast got 1 strike/down on Hank when I used Kraken. Ran off to evolve, got back around 3 bars, got domed, still died without them having Hank hahaha it’s hilarious :slight_smile:


I apologize if Im being pushy.
Im dealing with someone that is threatening me.


You’re fine. Don’t worry. Just deal with the guy who’s threatening you, then come back.


As somebody who plays medic and support the most out of anything, I play Slim and Hank both frequently. I don’t know how good of advice this is but as a tip as Kraken, I would say focus Hank. It can be tough when you can’t see the names but Hank can usually be easy to spot as he is bright yellow. If you are Kraken, and you are good at moving around as you say AND you are able to keep height(try your best not to get domed in a building or cave), then Slim is going to have quite the struggle keeping up with you to get sufficient amount of heals to his team. Also, the bombs are harder to hit when you are in the air, as he will need you to be directly above it or hit a wall next to you.

As soon as you focus Hank, he will orbital and cloak. Just expect that, let him blow his cloak while you dodge bullets, and as soon as he pops up again, focus him. As Slim, without Hank and decent range to leech enough damage, a dead Hank is tough for the team. Orbitals are hard to hit Kraken as well unless Hank can successfully bait you to him.

It’s really just vital when against Slim to be able to pick out who you want to focus without getting distracted. Slim will always have green bursts popping out of him when you are bombed, making him easy to spot. Hank will almost always have the shield beam coming from him(or he should), especially when you use your lightning strike.

Also, there’s no real reason to try and go to Slim right after you take down Hank. A cap on hank for one battle is sufficient and at that point, I would probably just evade and leave the dome to go armor up again. Just chip away at the hunters health, no need to destroy them all in one dome. A Hank with 2 caps is pretty damn easy to take out late game.(as Kraken right now, it only takes one lightning strike hit)

P.S. I understand tips you find on forums like this are always easier said than done, but hopefully this gives you something to focus on next time and practice.


#You Madame are correct.

A good Slim is off the damn charts and is nigh invincible, and people sit here complaining about the most balanced Monster.


@EvolveUniverse Can I ask what size display you play on and how close you sit?

I have never felt that spore clouds are a problem but I see a lot of people hate them. Just trying to figure out if maybe it’s the way I play. I have a 60" and play about 2 feet way from the screen. I don’t use the smell ability when fighting Slim and can still see the hunters in battle, unless cloaked.


I am very glad that people wanna help and come with tips. But believe me I did all of this.


Wow this is a hard question because I don’t know the sizes in english. But my screen is pretty big and i sit very close to it, believe me my view is the best you can get.

Yeah I don’t know how high ranked hunters you fight but I am up against silver destroyers/gold everyday… And it’s rly hard seeing the hunters while you try to stay as high as you can in the air with Kraken to dodge damage and attacking at the same time AND while Markov is up in your face and totally destroying your banshee mines AND while Slim is raping me with the leech gun and spamming spore clouds AND while Wasteland Maggie pops a harpoon on the other side of the map that gets onto me and shooting the shit out of my health.


I’m very happy to hear that someone finally agrees with me, thank you!


Fair enough.

I play quite a bit and if you need a team to practice against slim/hank, we are all silver skilled. Add Nebulai93

We need practice against a good Kraken.


Did you try engaging them near dangerous wildlife? That might help, not ideal but still it’s something.

What I do when I have issues with specific comps is I go into Solo and crank the difficulty up and just keep going until I find something that works. I’m certain you’ll get it so don’t worry!


You are added my friend


Yes I tried everything, and fighting near wildlife is just a plus for Slim because then he can get heals from those… Yeah I also go in solo sometimes and try different combos and things like that but the AI’s are no way near as good as the hunters in ranked haha.