Loss of Gorgon Diversity. Ideas to make Mimic viable?


I routinely see Goliaths with all 4 abilities.

There are Aftershock Krakens and Lightning Strike Krakens

You have your Brawling Wraiths and your Sneaky Wraiths

I rarely see Bobs, but I don’t really recall any abilities being missing.

So why is it that, for the longest time, I have only ever seen Gorgons that max everything but Mimic. I mean, except for bots, every single Gorgon I fight just ignores the ability.

There has been talk about the change to acid spit not double applying damage, but what can we do to make Mimic a viable option?


Well… Gorgon is my favourite monster, I played the s**t out of her before stage 2 and now I’m getting back into it. So you could say I tested all tactics with her, played almost every style. But even before stage 2 I never felt mimic was a good skill :confused:

Now that they nerfed stealth I can hardly imagine using a mimic without exposing myself to free damage and loosing the clone anyways. Yes, you can rush around a corner, pop mimic and let the clone walk out. But there will always be one hunter that rushes after you and hits one single bullet on you. Since one is already enough, your whole effort was wasted.

It would be more viable if it didn’t disappear when you are hit. That way you could decide for yourself if you let it explode because you are getting shot, or if you try to land the explosion anyway. But right now there is way too much risk for way too little success involved with mimic, which is the reason why I never spend a single point in it. Better max acid spit out on stage 2 and make web snare and spider trap more viable with 2 points in them.


I suggest changing mimic the way it was before (damage speaking) and increasing the radius to really make it worth the damage you were soaking.


I totally disagree with mimic being useless. Mimic easily does about 80-90% of the damage I have from maxed acid or web shot. It does an initial damage and ALSO does a dot. I think at level 1 the total damage is 600-700 somewhere around there. I use the combo of flying to a hunter with web snare, spray acid at their feet, heavy melee and then bust mimic point blank. They can’t destroy mimic point blank that fast unless they are all in front of you. I used to disregard Mimic in stage 2 but I’ve noticed that just putting 1 more point into it makes it MUCH easier to get strikes. It isn’t good for long distance softening of targets, but just add it after a heavy slash/corner romp.


I honestly didn’t even know that Gorgon had this skill. Partly because I’m a hunter player, but also cause people rarely use it I guess.


I use mimic, usually when I’m directly on top of a hunter spawn then boom! It does decent damage and the other time i use it is to blow up some hunter from far away, let’s say I’m trying to catch a hunter but my other skills are on CD so a quickly spawn a mimic jump to the hunter and blow him up, usually i ever get the skill when I’m at stage 3 though


I think it’s because the Mimic is harder to play than the Gorgon herself. When you use the mimic, it stands still for 1 second before going for the fight, it cannot pounce and its health is low enough to be entirely damaged.


I would like it be replaced with something different entirely, as a lover of gorgon I never max out the move. There is never really an opportunity to use it or a need for it. Something diverse would make gorgon very different, and possibly allow the damage from acid spit to be nerfed.


It’s worst than that because the mimic is attach to gorgon so if you try to go in circles around an obstacle the mimic will get stuck and won’t be able to move forward


If Mimic worked in a similar fashion (albeit suicidal) to that of the Wraith Decoy, it might be useful.

With the rework of the game and the removal of ‘stealth’ and ‘avoidance’ in favour of straight up combat, the manual control required to use mimic coupled with the fact you are ‘immobile’ for the duration, is a huge turn off. It’s akin to Buckets former recon-drone ability, and that’s been replaced for good reason.

The game has deliberately taken a more action-orientated approach, yet Mimic is still living in the past. It needs to be reworked, and I think following Wraith’s decoy behaviour is probably the easiest way.


I thought I will be cool if she has less impact on her abilities and has more Dot and when she hits somebody with mimic she amplifies the damage by 10% for like 8 sec so she will be similar to renegade Abe where you are not very bursty but its all about dot and overwhelming the medic


I’ve been messing around with mimic recently and its actually won me games…but yes it is a very bad skill unless you can “hide” somewhere and you catch the hunters off guard with it,and that’ll only help you if you can also separate the medic and force them to pop the heal. Its all very very luck based and an ability for a squishy monster like Gorgon shouldn’t be like that. The reason I’ve won games with it is because of the reasons I said before.


I think that the radius of the explosion should be increased that way you could one make it easier to hit a hunter with and also make the possibility of hitting more than one hunter with one mimic.